Vault Item Labels (tags)

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Feature name

Item Tagging

Feature function

  • Adding a tag to an item to quickly group multiple items together ad-hoc (e.g. #banking #books)
  • An item can have multiple tags associated to it
  • Easy find group of related items based upon tagging e.g. #books, #banking etc

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The natural next step after tags would be smart folders. I’m a little surprised no-one has mentioned this (so far as I can see). Tags are useful for all sorts of things, depending how they are implemented. Ideally they can be used both as view filters and negative filters: e.g. show all records tagged @bank and @shop but not tagged @archive. Let’s hope there will be a consultation like the current one for item types.

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Gmail’s Labeling System is a great example of how to move away from the concept of nested folders to nested labels. The only improvement I would add is to allow items tagged with nested labels to inherit the parent labels automatically.

  • Sports
    • / Golf
    • / Hockey
    • / Basketball
      • / Raptors

So, if you labeled an item ‘Raptors’ it would inherit the ‘Basketball’ label as well as the ‘sports’ label. Google really drops the ball on that one and the reasons for why they do that are probably analogous to why Bitwarden doesn’t really pick up the ball in the first place. i.e. The changes may turn core functionality upside down based on development and UX decisions that were made long ago.

Hence a discussion by Bitwarden users around the benefits of having a single instance of an item that can be related in any number of ways to other items for the last 4 years.

I just spun up a self-hosted version of BitWarden today to evaluate and it took me all of a few hours to get to this. At least I saved 4 years :wink:


While I would also like to see dedicated tags or smart folders, you can use the Custom Fields and create one called “tags”, then put the tags in the value. I recommend space-separated which allows for easier basic searches. You can also use the full-text search to get more refined search results, such as >fields: tags + my*.

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Would it be possible to implement the ability to add tags to password entries (in addition to the folder method). The problem with the current folder implementation is that entries can only belong to one folder, whereas with tags, and entry can belong to many tags.

1Password allows users to tag items so they can be grouped.
Bitwarden allows folders
I think it would be really helpful to allow multi-folder selection / tagging
This way an item that falls under two categories could appear in two lists

For example: I may have a folder called “One Time Passwords” and other folders like “Social media”, “Banking” etc…

It would be useful to tag, say, Facebook, with both “Social media” and “One time passwords”


Like this


Hey folks,

I changed from Enpass to Bitwarden for open source reasons, but the Bitwarden UX has a lot of TODOs I think.
Starting with the unsatisfying structure of password management.

I’m just thinking in terms of a use case:

Me as a user, I want to be able to sort my password entries by category. E.g. the online banking account of my freelance work. It has categories like “banking”, “finance”, “work”, “<NAME_OF_MY_FREELANCE_BUSINESS>”. This has the big advantage that I can sort my entries easily by multiple categories, like usual in software systems with entries (I mean we’re not talking about files, we’re talking about password-entries that are comparable to items in a ticket system like JIRA).

Example: When I want to change ALL my banking passwords, I just browse the “banking”-tagged entries and go through them. In contrast, with the folder-based solution as it is now, I have to either store my banking passwords in a folder “banking” or in a folder “freelance work” or whatever. So I may either not find my freelance banking account information in the “freelance work” folder or in the “banking” folder. I could duplicate the entry and store it into both folders, but… that’s unsatisfying since I have to doublecheck changes everywhere in my folders!

Another example: I want to change the email address of all my freelance work related social media accounts. Then I just browse the “work”-, “<NAME_OF_MY_FREELANCE_BUSINESS>”- and “social media”-tagged entries and go through them. But in contrast, as it is now, I have to KNOW WHRE I have all my freelance work related social media stuff. Either in my “social media” folder where I also have my private social media accounts, or in the “work” folder where I also have all my other work accounts, or in the “<NAME_OF_MY_FREELANCE_BUSINESS>” folder, where I also have all other accounts related to my freelance business. For sure, I could call that folder “freelance work social media”, but then I end up with a lot of folders like “freelance work social media”, “freelance work banking”, “freelance work job portals” etc. Unsatisfying.

So a simple tag-based solution would greatly improve the UX.
It’s not even that much of effort, you can use the existing UI of the folders. But instead of folders, they get tags / categories. When adding new items, just allow to add multiple tags (and not just one folder like before).

The folder-related UX makes absolutely no sense in my opinion since I have to decide what is the “most important category” of an entry.

I would appreciate a change here soon. For sure, all apps have to be adapted for such a modification.

Best & stay healthy,


Another vote for tags, as others have pointed out, they’re especially useful to label accounts that have different emails, phone numbers, credit cards etc attached to them.


Created an account just to vote on this feature request. Lack of tagging is major handicap in Organizations/Collections where you cannot even use folders.


Oh man, this was sooo nice in 1password. 1password is the first to get the UX right in my opinion, but lack the OS tag. Would love to have feature parity here so I can switch over completely

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@cala : have you tried the new version 8 of 1 pwd? For me the reason to switch to BW.

@clausimausi still a much better user experience imho. I switched because BW is open source (and my company was dropping employee subscriptions :roll_eyes:), but still just waiting for it to catch up. I wish I were a developer so I could help but I work in Devops and am more an end user.

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It’s taking really a long time for such a simple feature.
Sad :thinking:


Tags would be so useful. Current custom fields not only fail pretty hard at having good UX, since you have to type them in manually each time, but also are terrible for searching. So if you add a field imitating tags and then use value like “test, test2, test3”, you can’t search by “test2” or “test” because for some reason punctuation is not skipped and only “test2,” works.

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I basically want to put the same login in multiple folders/tags. Since, for example, i might have an account that goes under multiple categories like “Personal” and “Shop”, etc.

Feature name

  • Account tags

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
  • I have multiple accounts, I would like to use some tag to tag the account. One way to find all accounts would be through tags. My accounts are of the type: social media … among others.
  • What benefits will this feature bring?
  • My goal with this feature is that the user experience, usability and data organization of Bitwarden software are as good as possible. With account tags, the user clicks and can see associate different types of accounts.
  • Maybe this is an alternative resource for the folders. Because it wouldn’t be necessary to create folders, just tags. With tags we can search. For example, something like search by: tag or search by: tag, tag ...


Related topics + references

  • Are there any related topics that may help explain the need and function of this feature?
    • I didn’t find anything about it, but I made an illustrative image that shows the feature I thought of.
  • Are there any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may be helpful?
    • I didn’t find anything about it, but I made an illustrative image that shows the feature I thought of.

I would like to bring to this discussion some interesting facts:

  1. Is there a tag limit?


It’s up to the community to decide whether it’s better to have unlimited tags or have a tag limit like Evernote, somewhere around 100,000 tags per Bitwarden account.

Hi, all. Hi, @CaTeNdrE

Hope to help with some ideas

my initial opinion
  1. Want to make tags? Use this symbol #tag-name
  • case 1: If the user wants to use tags to organize their accounts, they can use this symbol: #tag-namebecause many social networks by default use something like this for #tag-name tags. We can see this on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
  1. Want to make folders and subfolders? Use this symbol /folder-name, /folder-name/subfolder-name ...
example folders and subfolders in Wiki.js

example folders and subfolders in Github

note: Both Wiki.js and use the / symbol to create folders and subfolders.

  1. Want to make labels? you do something like:
    3.1. If the user wants to use labels to organize the accounts, he can use something like this, something like this label in Gmail

4. my visual prototype that houses these ideas
image 1

image 3

Initial considerations

  1. A tag system can replace folders and subfolders.
  2. Perhaps in addition to tags, it is necessary to create specific labels. Because tags can be difficult to remember and search. With too many tags users can get confused. Best in this case is to allow the user to have a specific label or set of sub-labels. These labels and sub-labels, in turn, can replace folders and subfolders. If you want to consider creating a folder or subfolder as a label and sublabel an alternative would be to use this symbol /label/sub-label/sub-sub-label ...

Feature Name: Tags

Feature Description: Replace the folders behavior by a tags behavior.

Reason: I personally don’t find the folder feature particularily handy because every item can only be put into a single specific folder (or remain in the no folder state, which is more or less also a folder). Tags basically work like folders but any item can be assigned to multiple tags instead of only one folder. I have hundreds of passwords. If I put for example paypal into the finance folder I cannot have it within the online shops folder at the same time. That’s why I basically always have to use the filter function instead.

Disadvantages: None. It is not the biggest deal but in my opinion replacing folders by tags would be helpful. If someone wants the functionality remain in a folder manner (as it is now) he can just keep assigning only one tag per item. So replacing folders by tags will not even have a negative impact for anyone. Right?

In my opinion this feature would also help for organizational items.