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Kind of what everyone else says, but a wee change… I prefer that the term “tag” is changed to “label” and follow the GMail (as the most prominent example) way of using labels. A number of people in this thread seem to prefer labels over tags, and everything that is implied with labels such as using labels for “folders” and “nested folders”.

I just went through a digital cleansing of my vault which included trying to put things into folders. It was tough as many items don’t fit into a single folder.


labels, tags, … I don’t care. Important: Just change it from the folder system. :slight_smile:


Hi, @Glenn_Waters , how are you?

A number of people in this thread seem to prefer labels over tags, and everything that is implied with labels such as using labels for “folders” and “nested folders”.

I agree with what you said. You have a great argument. I really think what you said makes perfect sense. So… you said everything you wish you had written. However it would be interesting to see if people prefer tags or labels.

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Hi Community Bitwarden!

I hope to help the bitwarden community with this new information and comments which I think are good starting points to think about the solution here.

new idea ui/ux

Notes and concept

  1. The image illustrates a system with the concept of labels.
  2. In my concept there should be 2 user interface screens. The first screen refers to the labels associated with the vault items. The second screen refers to the set of labels that have been created or will be created.
  3. In the initial post I made I talked about adopting 2 systems: tag and label, here I defend the idea of ​​the label more.
  4. It would be nice to create labels with the following symbol: “/”, example: /label-name, /label-name/sublabel-name … and with the following symbol: “#”, , example: #label-name, #label-name/sublabel-name … or #sublabel-name - Maybe people are used to using / or # for labels
  5. When you remove any tags or labels, you do not remove the password collection or password set. Because tag or label is a type of metadata. By removing the metadata i.e. the tag or label, you are not removing the password or the password collection. My goal here is to think about Bitwarden security. - reference, concept: “Note: Labels are different from folders. If you delete a message, it will be erased from every label that it’s attached to and your entire inbox.” That is, if you delete the label or tag, you are not deleting vault items or even a password set. However, if you remove the password set or vault items - you remove the tags and labels associated with it. (concept: Gmail labels in Bitwarden)

Optional Resources (other ideas, use cases)

  1. It would be interesting if we had colors to highlight labels.
  2. It would be nice to have an efficient label search engine, maybe something based on Evernote. Per example, Evernote has a very interesting tag search concept, we could use this concept to search for certain labels in Bitwarden.
  3. Limit quantity to 100,000 tags in Bitwarden or limit to 500 labels in Bitwarden - or unlimited tags or labels in Bitwarden.
  4. May need the drag and drop feature like in Gmail, “drag and drop labels” there is an open vote for this : drag and drop folders


  1. If the idea of a label system is approved and accepted by everyone, we might consider restricting the number of labels in Bitwarden, maybe something like 500 tags like happens in Gmail. “Note: Gmail allows up to 500 labels.” - reference: Create labels to organize Gmail - Computer - Gmail Help
  2. If the idea of a tag system is approved and accepted by everyone, we might consider restricting the number of tags in Bitwarden, maybe something like 100,000 tags like happens in Evernote. “All Evernote users can have up to 100,000 tags per account. Your notes can be associated with multiple tags.” - reference:
  3. Preventing labels or tags from being duplicated would be a good idea

Hi Community Bitwarden!

So, could anyone confirm this: do you guys prefer tags or labels?

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The only difference I see between folders and labels is that when you delete a label, you don’t delete the items with that label. But that’s already how folders work in Bitwarden. When you delete a folder, its contents aren’t deleted.

Tags, on the other hand, are useful because an item can have more than one tag, so that allows for more flexible categorization. I really like the tag idea.


Folder are less useful.
I don’t understand that’s tag’s are not being build in bitwarden.

That’s not rocket technology…!?


Hi Community Bitwarden

I improved the UI on the idea that you guys want. Visual quality is better, a little more realistic. Hope to help ;D

img 1

img 2


This very forum uses tags to help users navigate. But still no tags in the product itself :face_exhaling:


It is been 4 years of this request and they still didn’t do it. Thinking about migrating to 1Pass so I can use labels and organize better my passwords.


Hi all! Has this feature been implemented?

Thanks for checking in! There haven’t been any changes made to folders/tagging but it is on the team’s radar. This week’s update started a round of several UI refreshes, including the ability to filter vaults in the left sidebar, and to see which item’s belong to which vault in the right column. Stay tuned! :+1:


What exactlyy is “vault item labels” on your roadmap? Is it something like tags? I surely hope and if it is, that it’s one of highest priorities.

I’m considering trying something else out because with almost 500 passwords now tags or a similar way to organize things are a necessity. I don’t know why Bitwarden team doesn’t like this feature but it’s slowly becoming hopeless that it’ll appear before my password database becomes so huge that adding tags to it in 2023 or who knows when will be a nightmare.


Hey @Destroy666, yes this would assist with large collections. You can hear the team chat more on this functionality in the most recent Vault Hours. I’ll provide an update as soon as we have information to share!


Ok, thank you. I’m not sure I’ll be able to listen, but I assume it’s something like GitHub labels maybe? Or something different?

I suppose it’s like Gmail labels?

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Thanks all, we’ll share more info as it becomes available. You may also want to keep an eye on the User Research category for updates from the team.

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I’m not a software engineer/designer, but I always cringe when I see comments like these about application changes.

Yes! I find the label colors in Gmail to be a nice time-saver.


Hi Community Bitwarden!

Has this been implemented?