Vault Item Labels (tags)

Not yet - you can tell by the little “construction” icon preceding the Topic title at the top of the page, as well as from the “roadmap:in-progress” tag at the top.

I am very much looking forward to this feature, however! Cheers.


ok - I’ve skimmed 10 of the comments at best - just want to put a vote in as someone who open to moving over to the open source bandwagon after being a long time user of 1Password.

I, like others above me, have also just signed up purely to put up my hand and vote for tags functionality like 1PW does it. I’m a current 1PW7 standalone/dropbox user who will not be moving to 1PW8. Currently evaluating other password managers including BW.
I think tags are an indispensable tool for organisation of data such as password management. Please make it happen.


Hey @dwardo this one is already marked as roadmap:in-progress, thanks for your support!

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This is a great idea! It also would be great if there were some URI inspection on category, and they were auto-tagged, and any additional tags could be added, as well. Love idea of tagging, but remembering to tag or tag maintenance could become a hassle over long-term.


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Is there any estimate as to when this might come out, if I might ask? I saw it on Q2 2022 roadmap, but that was about planning it then, right?

Thanks for checking in, timelines are adjusted quarterly and an updated roadmap will be available shortly.


New bitwarden user here, coming from LastPass. Tagging is important because it would allow more granular identification of critical passwords that need to be changed in the case of a breach. In such a case, you have to hunt through every login to determine what is critical or not. With tagging, you only have to do this once.

You might say just put all those logins inside the same folder but then you loose the context for what the login is actually used for for other categories (like AutoPay, email, etc). You really need a 1-N approach for organizing this stuff.

Please get this feature for bitwarden.


I hear that. Although I’m impressed that creating subfolders was so easy. I’m still not entirely sure how it understood that one was just suppose to be a slash and the others were suppose to be subfolders. Witchcraft I’m assuming.

Thanks for the feedback, currently the parent name and ‘/’ create a nested folder or collection. In a future iteration of Bitwarden, you’ll just be able to use the GUI to selected the nest item without having to know what to input manually.


Another vote for tags!

I appreciate BW improving their product, and I’m sure some users will find subfolders a useful feature.
But, Bitwarden, please don’t believe that it is at all similar to, let alone a replacement for, tags. Subfolders are still folders, and an item can be in only one. Tag functionality recognizes the fundamental truth that items can, and are often/usually, more than one thing. Examples are plentiful and inherently obvious, but here’s one anyway: a set of credentials could be for 1) a test system, for 2) multiple teams that, 3) runs linux, and 4) has a particular set of automation tools, and 5) is located in a particular data center, and are 6) for a particular client. That’s at least 6 attribute sets that could apply in many different combinations to any number of BW items. All we currently have is folders (incl subs) and organizations. These are insufficient to, for example, “find me all client x, linux production servers in the phoenix data center, they had a breach and we need to reset those passwords.” But what am I saying, this forum has tags, so you know how useful they are.

Again, please make actual tags a priority. It is quickly becoming a showstopper for continued use of the bitwarden platform.


Hey @jda888 this feature is coming :+1:


Out of curiosity, am I correct in assuming that the biggest hurdle for this one (or most of them?) is getting it to work consistently across all platforms? and that this one is probably high priority because of it’s business applications? I bet @jda888 had a pretty good business-y example that those particular people are going to want quite a lot.

In case there are not enough votes on this feature request – add my +100 to this.

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I would prefer tagging to folders as you can add multiple tags to one item.

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Thanks all, tagging (vault item labels) will eventually replace the current personal folder functionality :+1:


Yes I believe Tag functionality should replace folders, it would still look the same in the client (see tags in stead of folders) but you could have multiple tags per item so where ever you expect to look for it you can find it. example I have it in games folder, but they also sell music, comic books etc. I’d prefere to tag it with that, games,comics,online shopping, etc. So when I browse the interface and whatever mind set I happen to be in I will find it in that tag collection.

----- edit
I hope this gets implemented soon. Just migrated from lastpass and when cleaning up my passwords found how limiting the folders are. Just hoping I didn’t make the wrong choice of password manager. Seems this has been proposed for 4 years and not made it into Bitwarden.
---- sadly now would have been the ideal time for me to tag things as I’m doing a cleanup of old accounts

I’m not sure it should be a replacement as it’s not quite a replacement and folders could see some efficient usage still, depending on how tags are implemented. But still much better as a replacement than when they don’t exist, I guess.

Folders could potentially be created as smart folders that are based on tags. So anything under “Medical” is tagged medical. Folder is purged, but you have a “Smart Folder” that is only a UI layer of anything that is tagged “Medical”. It would also work for multiple tags, as well, I would think. I don’t know how it would be designed, however this has become a pretty mainstream approach recently to tagging.