Vault Item Labels (tags)

Tagging would open a whole new world of possibilities to organize vaults. I don’t even know what I would use folders once tagging is implemented :wink:

Tags are way more flexible than folders. It would be a great feature to have.

165 upvotes already! I would really like to see this functionality for better sorting for those who store a lot of information. Folders and subfolders are not enough :frowning:

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Sorry to add to the “me too” noise here, but yeah, tagging would really help me with sorting items in Bitwarden. I do think file hierarchies make sense in other scenarios, but this is a situation where it would make better sense to implement tags.

I really need to clean up my vault because I didn’t put things in folders as I created them, but it’s too late for that now. There are 880+ items in my vault and the existing tools for organizing items are so clicky and way too cumbersome. I’d rather just wait and hope that a more sensible solution is released.

Love Bitwarden, I’m a premium user, looking forward to seeing it become better!

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Would love this too - I did my best with folders in LastPass (and was delighted they migrated across to Bitwarden!) but find items sometimes just belong in more than one folder so tags would be ideal. Very impressed with the product overall (paid for premium just to support it), this would be a nice addition :slight_smile:

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Created an account to vote for this.

My primary use case is to be able to quickly identify which accounts have which types of MFA. I’d create tags like: “mfa-none”, “mfa-sms”, “mfa-otp-bitwarden”, “mfa-otp-authy”, “mfa-u2f”, etc…

Then I can quickly identify which accounts need to be modified if I change my security priorities, of as part of routine checks to see if I can enhance the security of different accounts.


Same here, created an account to vote for this.


I just realized you can’t do this, Folders are basically single-use tags. That is soooo 1980s thinking. Its virtual, give me unlimited tags and get rid of Folders.


It would be great to able to organize information stored in BitWarden by using labels/tags in addition to folders. I’d envision this working the same way that labels work in Gmail. This would provide more flexibility than just using folders.


Is this a similar feature request:

If so, since Bitwarden uses a voting system, it is best to upvote the existing feature request.

Really a shame that an awesome program like bitwarden doesnt have an essential feature like this. It honestly boggles my mind how anyone can think that a folder and subfolder system is a suitable replacement for a proven solution like tags which is pretty standard IMO.
But since Im a free user I dont want to complain too much and also take the opportunity to thank the devs for their hard work as I am really happy with bitwarden otherwise, so THANK YOU!
But I still hope we will see a tag feature soon :slight_smile:


I did not think of any of those. I agree, they’re great reasons to have tagging.

Phone numbers and credit cards are exactly why I would use this feature, and why I came to this forum to see if it had already been suggested.

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I also agree with the idea of tagging. This would completely replace the current folder structure for me. With tagging we could just show the items grouped by tags :slight_smile:

Anyone know if this feature has even been considered by the dev team? Original request in 2018, though it doesn’t seem like they’re interested in making it a thing. I think subfolders where what we got instead.

Somehow there is no action from bitwarden at all.

Guys. I would even pay for this feature…
Pleaseeeeeee :wink:

It’s definitely on the to-do list. @vincentsalucci is the feature champion :slight_smile:


Yes please add tags. This is basic stuff. See 1Password for an excellent reference.

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I have been annoyed by this too. I ended up using the Stylebot Chrome extension to add some custom CSS to the web version of Bitwarden to achieve a tag-like system.

How it works:

  1. Prefix folders with major categories like ref-, projects-, marketing-* – Because this will result in lots of folders it will push your collects bar way down on the left side and make navigation annoying.
  2. Add the CSS below to Stylebot for the bitwarden web domain and it will collapse all folders into a scrollable DIV
  3. Enjoy ability to scroll through folders without there being a long list!

Drawbacks: Not a true tagging system since passwords still only live in one folder, not multiple. {
  height: 200px;
  overflow-y: scroll;
  padding-left: 30px;
  margin-left: 0px;

Stylebot: Stylebot - Chrome Web Store

Good God what have you done? Kudos, but jeez lol