Vault Item Labels (tags)

This would be a nice and helpfull feature. In “1Password” I had more than one tags for some entries and after importing them to “Bitwarden” I have to decide which folder fits the most… :confused:

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+1 for this feature!

I’d like this feature to be implemented as well. As many others pointed out, tagging is superior to folder structure.


+1 from me - folders are too restrictive so this is a key feature

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+1 from me too.

Folders are to limited.
1 Item can be only in 1 folder… but
1 item can have more than 1 tag.

Very essential.
Even when some user don’t understand the pro’s of tagging.


+1 Why isn’t this already implemented? I have a significant amount of accounts that’d fit in multiple folders but there’s no way for me to do so atm.

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That would be a really helpful feature for those that have a lot of account for something specific, that are very useful in general too, would be a huge help for the person that like tags system!

+1 The company I work for would likely switch to this from 1Password if tags were included. Being able to tag items in 1Password is its killer app.

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Ok. Is there are RFP or anything for this? This should have been done years ago. I will implement it. Is there a “here’s what it should look like” or any kind of preliminary work on this? If not, let me know and I will start it.


Well… it would be nice… If I could just edit an item and add tags there.
In other items which I edit later… I should get a pulldown list with all existing tags which I added so far.

Don’t know if I described that correctly.

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@dhj - Welcome! and Thanks!- if you’d like to tackle this, the first step is to do an outline of how you’d like to implement it in the Contributions section. It’ll help us point you in the right direction and answer questions, etc.

We are extremely focused on our SSO release at the moment, so please pardon us if the replies/check-ins are not as timely as we’d like.



When adding/updating tags is implemented it would also be of great use if one could do an advanced search for one or more tags, like

tags: 2fa, google, family


I would love this feature as well.

Currently my workaround is putting tags in the NOTES field. This way, I can surface the entries with a specific tag attached by searching for the tag. The major limitation of this workaround is that I have no way of seeing a list of tags I have created and have to remember them by myself.

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Please, please, please, please … implement tagging. It’s insanely easy from a development standpoint, but is so much more powerful than what currently exists within bitwarden.

Folders & tagging are different things. Subfolders (per the original reference link and the github issue request) does not provide the same capabilities.

Folders & subfolders … sure, they’re enough for some users. But not for other users. Tagging and (tag-sets) are so much more powerful and useful for some users, while they also meet all the basic needs for organization for users that just prefer a simple folder heirarchy.

Folders … create an inflexible, hierarchal system that forces users into a rudimentary organizational system.

Tags on the other hand … can’t be used very simply in the same exact way … however they also extend this to provide users views. For example …

I may want to see all my credentials that have payment information associated with them. I also may want to filter my credentials to see the ones that are related to clothing … or home improvement vendors. Folders don’t allow you to do this … but with tagging, you can associate a credential with both of those to both tags, and organize them in both ways, simultaneously.

Without tagging … folders force you to create a set of folders/organizational scheme that … sucks. The folders almost serve no purpose for me (or people like me) … because while they are mutually exclusive … they are arbitrary in nature … which forces me to have to remember if I decided to put one thing in one folder rather than another when it should actually be in both and there’s no clear way to create a clear organization structure between them. So much yuck.

Additionally, tagging can also support a hierarchical organizational system (like subfolders). A beautiful, glorious example of this is how does their tagging with bookmarks (happily paying customer, for this specific capability).

Raindrop does not use folders … only tags. If I tag a bookmark with both ‘git’ and ‘devops’ for example … I can browse to the git tag … and then I see a list of all associated tags (i.e. devops, secdevops, training, to-read, etc) and then I can expand those related tags as if they were subfolders to find the exact thing I’m looking for.

This lets me collect, cross-reference, and navigate tens of thousands of bookmarks to find the exact thing I’m looking for all the time.

This is … one of the most satisfying capabilities of any tool … and would be insanely helpful and valuable within bitwarden.


I have a use case for tags as well. Because I have multiple U2F security keys, I can use tags to keep track of which website uses which security key. This is what categories can’t do.

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Would like to have a tagging feature too. Being able to filter logins for routers, servers, merchants, financial institutions, streaming sites, etc., can really make the difference between user acceptance and frustration.

+1 from me for tags. It will be much more versatile solution and more flexible to be used by users

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yes yes yes please!

Lack of tags in Bitwarden is the one thing stopping me moving over from 1Password.

Folders force us to work out what to classify an item as, since an item can only go in one folder at a time. But the magic of tags is, an item can have multiple tags. That is powerful organisation.

thanks for considering this and for anyone who is contributing to it :smiley:

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Not even on the roadmap. Sadly.

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This should for sure be added, it would also be nice to nest sub folders.