Updates on Mac OS and iOS?

I can’t seem to find an update check method. Are notifications automatic?
Newbie here!

Hi @tonyt - welcome!

If you installed Bitwarden through the App Store, you will see your update notifications there.

If you installed the MacOS app through direct download, you should see automatic notifications within the Bitwarden desktop app itself.

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Is 2.14 ios update through app store put up yesterday ok? Have seen people with update problems

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Working fine for me. I think it is the MacOS desktop update that is causing problems (it kills the BW extension in Safari).

Extension broken on Safari now. Noticed it today.

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If you are speaking about MacOS, a fix is on the way already:

Ma version apple store 1.29.1 sur bigsur 11.6
Le menu bitwarden n’apparait pas au lancement de l’application et l’extension safari à disparue.
Egalement le petit point sous l’icône du dock n’est pas présent.