Update WebVault 2FA layout according 2FA priorities

Using the WebVault your preferred 2FA methods can be selected and managed. The list is:

  1. Any TOTP app
  2. Yubico OTP
  3. DUO
  4. WebAuthn
  5. E-mail

According the manual the methods at login have the following priority:

  1. Duo (Organizations)
  2. FIDO2 WebAuthn
  3. YubiKey
  4. Duo (Individual)
  5. Authenticator App
  6. Email

All is fine, but maybe not automatically clear as i have to check the manual to understand all this.


  1. Use the same priority in the WebVault layout. So start with DUO, then WebAuthn etc etc
  2. Add a remark to make clear this is also the priority in case of multiple methods.

I do not fully understand the two DUO methods, so i’m unable to comment on that.

Duo is great! When you select it you get a push notification onto your phone. You select it, confirm (if you want to get in) and that’s it. Fast, easy, comfortable.