Ability to select preference for 2FA methods

Title: User selected 2FA method prioritization

I had my Yubico Security key NFC setup as one of my methods (in addition to Google Authenticator). The dongle worked great at home, I could plug in the USB and voila. However, my phone (Pixel 5a) just will not recognize the dang NFC dongle, no matter how many times I try. And, it’s not a USB-C type connector, so no luck there. I even tried a USB-A - USB-C converter thingy, but the phone simply wouldn’t accept anything but NFC for this dongle. For some reason, I also didn’t see how I could select another of my chosen Bitwarden 2FA methods (Google Authenticator) when trying to login on my phone… unlike when I was on my computer. Whew, hope that explains it.

I suspect having a physical dongle “may” be more secure than Google Authenticator (but I’m not a security expert)… so that’s probably what led to the dongle being the preferred 2FA method?

Anyway, IMV it would be nice to be able to prioritize the 2FA methods to suit your preference.

Thanks for considering this feature request,

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