Present two-step login options in order of priority

Note: this is a very minor request, but it should be a very easy one to fix, also.

Feature name

Present two-step login options in order of priority in Web Vault options

Feature function

In the Web Vault settings for Two-Step Login, one can enable one or more 2FA methods based on various providers, as shown below.

It would be helpful to users if the providers were listed in the same (approximate) priority they are given when performing a two-step login, as discussed here:

A simple re-ordering of the providers on the settings page would quickly fix this. It might also be helpful to state on that page that this is the order of precedence when prompted for a two-step login, because users may be unaware that there is a set precedence.

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You got my vote :wink:


+1 This would be a useful nudge to get folks to use the most secure method of auth.