Update Diaglogue

I’m a paid subscriber to BitWarden for my family. I use not only the desktop app under Windows but also on my phone and within the web browser.

My feature request is for the Windows desktop application and that “superiorly” annoying upgrade dialog box that shows up, brought to the front, and defaults to YES.

I have a quick machine, and I do my best to keep it as responsive as I can (I HATE waiting for anything). I bring up BitWarden, I select and start typing and looking for the creds I need. While I’m typing, the app goes and pokes your servers to see if there’s an update. If I happen to be typing and then hit the space bar, with YES selected by default when that dialog shows up, I get upgraded, distracted from what I’m doing, and it’s super annoying.

I’m not saying upgrading is BAD, absolutely not. But when I’m being ASKED to upgrade, that’s the part that’s tickling the annoyance bone.

What I’m asking for is to get rid of that upgrade popup, and make an unobtrusive, but obvious “Upgrade” path with a red or green bar at the top or bottom of the screen. Either that, WAIT for a minute with the software being idle before being pestered about upgrades. DON’T force the dialog to be in my face because 99% of the time, BW is sitting in the background.

I know, downloads and upgrades are fast. But 95% of the time, I’m launching BitWarden to get something done, now, fast, not let it sit in the background to “warm up”. It can do the warm up process when I’m done getting that initial bit of information, then if I leave it up, absolutely nag me about upgrades because I’m probably going to be closing the app when I’m done whatever it is I’m doing.

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