Bitwarden desktop - Make update notification not steal the focus during startup

Frequent updates are great, but the update notification window which appears if there’s an update available during startup is too intrusive IMO. It steals the focus from you typing in your password and this is very annoying.

The main time you start up the Bitwarden desktop app is when you are in the middle of something and need a password quickly.

Can the notifications be changed to a notification bar within the window that’s already displayed so we can still be attracted to the new update but without it stealing the focus whilst we are about to (or in the middle of) typing our password.


When I become emperor I will have all programmers who produce software which steals the focus executed. If I’m feeling generous the execution method will be quick, but I don’t always feel generous.

This can be a security issue as pressing space bar will start the update, closing the window. If you continue to type a pass phase into your keyboard, some of that text will find it’s way into the other windows that are open. If you happen to then press “Enter” you maybe just posted “se battery staple” to the twitter. Making this appear as a bar that pops down instead of a full focus modal would be much better and safer.

How To Prevent Programs From Stealing Focus in Windows is the only page I app trying to steal window activation AT ANY TIME (not just during startup /login). Makes having mutli monitors with multiple different windows open useless. Today I’d had enough and now I want this behavior stopped.

I signed up for this portal for this one particular annoying issue. About every other day, I get the prompt and after typing my password and hitting Enter, that’s when I notice the prompt and now I’m getting prompted to run the installer. Once I’ve started entering a password, this prompt should be disabled until I’ve either logged in, or the next time I close the application. Preferably the latter.

Thanks all, the team is aware and looking at a resolution.