Unable to save changes to Bitwarden Chrome Extension

Bitwarden Chrome Extension seems to be having an issue today. It shows the Save Progress bar for a long time and then shows the belowsaid message.


I think something more is broken as I can’t add or update anything in apps either, or log into the vault as well.

this seems like a wide issue tho, my web vault and android app cant save changes also. the status pages havent updated yet.

Yes. Just cross-verified from the mobile app. That failed as well with the same error.

It’s the same at my place, it doesn’t work anywhere!

I thought I was alone, but apparently not. I also failed to log in to my newly installed desktop Bitwarden app, then can’t save login item changes on the mobile app and browser. I just contacted technical support, I hope they address this issue ASAP.

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At this point it has started! it is already working everywhere
What was it?

I just tried again, it is already working. I have no idea what just happened, I just couldn’t make any new changes. Maybe they had maintenance or something.

Yep. It seems to be solved now. I tried again. It saved on desktop. Then went to mobile to do a sync and saw the same reflecting on the mobile too.

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