Bitwarden Chrome Extension behaving badly, signing itself out, sign-in delay

My BitWarden Chrome Extension is not working properly. My Chrome is up to date 113.0.5672.93 I am using Windows 11 Pro which is also fully updated. About an hour ago I manually entered a site/username(email)/password into my logins vault. That worked and the login was added, but I realized that I made a typo on the username email, so I brought up the entry in my vault, clicked edit, corrected the username and hit save. This is where the trouble started, instead of saving the modified login, the save button turned into the rotating dots, it stayed as the rotating dots, and stayed and stayed. Eventually after a long time the panel disappeared. I went back in to check the entry and found that it had not saved. So I edited it again. This time after clicking save the panel disappeared immediately and BitWarden signed itself off. When I clicked to go back into my vault I was prompted to enter my master password. When I entered the master password the rotating dots came back, and stayed, and stayed. At this point I was unable to sign in at all. However after a few attempts it eventually signed in. I then tried to edit the login again and the same thing happened. I’ve been going around like this for a while. Also I have checked in my extensions and made sure all plugins including BitWarden are up to date. At the moment BitWarden appears to be signed in, but I’m very wary now and afraid to touch it in case it decides to do something else unexpected.

Hi @Marcus_Dudley, welcome to community! :wave:

Have you checked any of the other Bitwarden clients (ex. the Web Vault) to see if the change was applied there?

I might recommend trying to uninstall the extension and reinstall and if that doesn’t work, contacting our support team would be the best option.

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Thank you for replying, it seems to be working now. I can only assume it was something happening on the server side.

Possibly related to this status notice, otherwise glad to hear service is restored.

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