Unable to import csv to google password manager

Hi whenever i try to import i get an error saying “Can’t import passwords. CSV files require a header for URL, username and password.”
Is there any way to fix this issue?

Have you looked at the information here yet?



just tried, didnt help.

Why doesn’t it help?

the option of formatting is already the same format as i got my csv in so its basically useless

Keep trying - it sounds like you may have setup your first row of the CSV table incorrectly. Hard to say, though, without more information.

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  1. Open your .CSV file using excel.
  2. Make sure the first line of your .CSV file includes these column names: url,username,password
  3. If the first line of your .CSV file has a related column with a different name, update the name. For example:
  4. If the first line of your .CSV is: username,password,website
  5. Change the first line to: username,password,url

I had the Same issue. I Imported passwords in Apple password manager, then I exported from Apple Password Manager and was able to import in Google password Manager