There are no logins available, after import form 1 Password


I have managed to import my passwords from 1 password via a csv file. But when I use the bitwarden browser app for a password I know is stored, I get this message…

There are no logins available to auto-fill for the current browser tab.

I get this message on all websites i have tried so far, so I. assume something has gone wrong in the import.

Can any one help?

Hi Giles - I am guessing that your URLs did not import correctly. Does this thread help:

Hi David,
Thank you for your help. Sorry for the slow response I suddenly had to fire fight other stuff! Now back on importing my logins to Bitwarden from 1password.

You are right the URL’s did not import.

I have tried cleaning up the .csv file, there were many redundant columns. So now I only have in this order…

Password, Title, Type, URL, Username

but the url’s still did not import? do the columns need to be in a different order? should the URL column be called something else? “URL 1” for example?

Grateful for any ideas in what to try next.

Thank you

Hi @GBtwo and welcome to the community.

I’d suggest, if possible, that you try exporting as .1pux from 1password. This will make the import a lot easier.

Here’s a link to the specific help article for importing from 1password.

I wonder why you’d need to modify a csv file exported from 1password. We also do have a specific importer for csv files from 1password. Details in the linked help article.

If for any reason, those solutions are not feasible, then here’s a link to a help article explaining conditioning a file before the import.

Kind regards,


Hi Daniel,

I figured it out in the end. The file did need conditioning! To import a .csv file the first line has to have at least these headings…


the export from 1 password has many many headings mostly blank but it did not have a “reprompt” in it.

by removing the redundant columns and renaming the 1 password headings to suit bitwarden and most importantly adding a “reprompt” everything worked.

I have decided to manually cut and paste the other secure notes. .json files looked way to complicated!

Thank you for your help

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