New user: Autofill not working

Hi, I recently switched over from LassPass to Bitwarden and I’m having a lot of trouble with autofill. Primarily on Firefox, but also issues on iOS. The extension is not recognizing the site I’m on. For example, if I try to log into gmail, it will say “There are no logins available to auto-fill for the current browser tab” but if I search the vault for “google” the options will show up and then I have to click through to autofill. Similarly, if I try to right-click and click on Bitwarden, no sites show up.

I’m thinking something went wrong in the import process, but I’m also assuming that Bitwarden autofills sites similarly to Lastpass (which I could be wrong about) but this seems more like a bug than an inherent feature.

Did you add matching URI ?
For details see here: URIs for Vault Items | Bitwarden Help & Support

Did you look at the URL in the google entry in the vault. Does it match google or is it blank?

Or in short: Do you see a number on the Bitwarden batch? Something like this one: image

Ah so upon looking at it closer, it seems like the URL/URI did not import… Will have to re-do it then. Thank you Peter_H for the help article!