Unable to auto-fill the selected fields on this page

In Bitwarden I have saved login for citbank.com (not, it’s not citibank but citbank); when in Chrome I go and try to login to online banking, there’s dialog with the field “User ID”; BW shows that there’s matching login; but when I click on it, there’s red error message “Unable to auto-fill the selected item on this page; please copy and paste the information instead”.

Use a Linked Custom Field tied to the username with the custom field value mat-input-1 which appears to work from my quick testing.

Your screenshot shows mat-input-0 (which is the correct id attribute for the username field). You should also be able to use loginName (the name atribute of the username field) as the custom field name.

How strange this website is, seems the id="mat-input- acts as a counter of sorts from 0, 1, 2. etc. if you try to login as I did and then cancel out back to the main login page.
Originally I simply used the context menu Copy custom field name to create the login item, and then had to go back and copy again to paste into this post. Did not even realize the ID had changed good catch.

You are absolutely correct though loginName as well as User ID appear to work now that I give it a bit more time to actually “inspect” the page’s HTML.

Edit: Actually testing a bit more, given that the id portion with my original suggestion changes between mat-input-0, 1, 2, etc. that field only matches in that exact login scenario
i.e original login, canceled action and then subsequent logins, etc.

So either the name="loginName" or aria-label="User ID" would be preferable as these would not change and stay consistent.

Interesting. In that case, it would probably be advisable not to use the id attribute (mat-input-0, etc.) as the custom field name, and instead use the name attribute (loginName) — which should be invariant.

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Seems you had the same thought as I did during my edit and just beat me to the reply :joy:

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