Bank identifiant is not filled by Bitwarden

On my bank login page:
Filling the identifiant does not work, I get the message: “Unable to auto-fill the selected item on this page. Copy and paste the information instead.”

What can I do to get this working?

Looks like this login is a bit non-standard. Have you tried using a Custom Field?

It seems to work for me - just create the custom field using the name “form_clientNumber” and enter your info. It should auto-fill for you after that.

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Thank you, I have tested with “form_clientNumber” it works great !
How have you found it is “form_clientNumber” ?

Read the link I sent about Custom Fields. It is very easy.

I have read this doc about custom field, I now fully understand how to get the name.
I am not happy with the fact that I have a duplication of this bank id (in username and in form_clientNumber):

How to avoid this duplication ? can the linked feature talked in the documentation fix that?

Yes it can. The details are documented in the links I have provided to you multiple times above:

Linked: Field value is linked to the item’s Username or Password. Given the right field name, Linked custom fields can be used to solve issues where your Browser Extension can’t auto-fill usernames and passwords for a particular site (learn more).

Thanks, I have used the linked feature. It is much better now, no duplication.