Type my passwords for me ... on another computer

This isn’t really user-to-user support, it’s more like an idea that I think would be cool.

I often have to type passwords (now long and complicated passwords) on machines where I don’t necessarily have or want to log into my Bitwarden.

A laptop I am repairing, a colleague’s computer, etc.

It would be cool if there was a way, I am thinking like a USB HID device that plugs into the device that my iPhone could connect to wireless, which Bitwarden could use to type the usernames and passwords on request.

I’m not sure what the security implications of this would be, or if there would even be hardware capable of doing that.

Just an idea that I thought would be helpful in my day to day use of passwords for comment or crit.

Why not use another Bitwarden account that you share passwords to that you use for this?

Would the BitWarden Web vault not be sufficient for your needs?

Alternatively, regarding your USB device idea, a mobile installation on an USB stick should be possible if I read the documentation right.