New user, questions about features

I’m considering replacing my current password manager, KeePass (KP) and there are couple features I’d like to ask about.

  1. KP has a feature they call “auto-type”, which will automatically paste the username and password into a login screen. Does BW have a similar feature?
  2. Can I share BW on multiple devices over a home WiFi network?
  3. Will BW sync across the internet? For example, if I’m using my Surface Book at a location with an internet connection, will changes to the BW database be synchronized?
  4. Could I import entries from KP into BW? (KP can export to .xml)

TIA for you help.


  1. This is not possible with Bitwarden, I requested this feature here (so you might want to vote and share your comments there):
    Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps

  2. If your devices have Bitwarden installed (Desktop app) or the Bitwarden browser extension installed then all your data is synced to all devices.

  3. Yes, the data is stored in the cloud and all your data is synced on all devices (if they have internet access).

  4. Import is possible.

AFAIK Bitwarden also stores information about the login fields (what field on a website is for username and what field is for password) so I suggest that you;

  • Install the Bitwarden browser extension
  • Log into the websites by letting KeePass fill the form fields
  • Bitwarden will ask you if the new login should be stored as new entry (if Bitwarden does not ask, just click on the Bitwarden icon and select to add a new entry for this site).

I will do the same and I have over 1000 entries in KeePass (really).


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Welcome to the community! Here are the answers to your questions.
I see that OLLI_S has already answered.

  1. Currently there is no auto-type feature available for Bitwarden.
  2. Bitwarden is cloud hosted and can be self hosted. If you have an account, you can use this account across multiple devices. If you want to share passwords with your family, you can do that as well through organisations.
  3. Yes, Bitwarden will sync and the data will be available on all your devices.
  4. Bitwarden supports Keepass xml importing.

Thanks OLLI and vachan for your replies. I have a question for OLLI, since he stated that he was a previous user of KeePass. Were you able to share your KeePass database across devices?


I am currently using KeePassXC ( that is 100% compatible with KeePass.
In KeePassXC there is a feature called KeeShare that allows to share the database:
But I never tried this feature.

But if I understood this correctly then shared entries are exported to a separate file.
And you have to make this file accessible to other users (like family).
And make this available on the target devices.

So if you have a partner and 2 children, then you have to:

  • make your KeePass file available on your PC and your phone
  • make the KeePass file with shared passwords that only your partner should see to the phone of your partner
  • make the KeePass file with shared passwords that your children can use to the smartphone of your partner and to the smart phones of your children.

Funny if your children / partner have additional devices.

Of cause you can copy them to a cloud storage, but here you have multiple KeePass databases and you have to open each database separate.
With Bitwarden this is much more comfortable (and this is the reason why I consider switching to Bitwarden).

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That’s interesting.Thanks for the info.
I have two devices and both of the users are me!

My reason for needing to share is more a matter of not wanting to have to manually synchronize. Windows 10 file and folder sharing is rather messy and I haven’t gotten it to work–neither for KeePass nor for “regular” text files.

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