Transform login session notes into secure notes

Hello, good morning,

I would like to know if it is possible to transform login session notes into secure notes without having to create new ones from scratch.

I created the entries in the wrong way without realizing that the ones that best suit what I need are the secure notes.

Is there a method to convert a group of selected login session notes into a secure notes?
The content I need in the login session notes is in the text field “Notes”.


Export your vault in CSV format and open in Excel; delete all rows except the login items that you wish to convert, then change the value in the type column from login to note, and delete the values in all columns except the type, name, and notes column. Log in to the Web Vault, use the check boxes to select the login items you are converting, then use the “Delete selected items” option from the kebab menu to the right of the header row in the list of vault items; next, go to the “Import” section in the Tools menu, and use the “Bitwarden (csv)” format to import your modified CSV file.

Thank you, I will try it,