Import Lastpass Modify CSV to Specific Bitwarden Item Types

Still evaluating Bitwarden(Free) and imported my Lastpass CSV. It was all imported but all Items were imported as Login or note types.

My LastPass contains many formats such as ID’s, cards etc.

Any info on how I can tweak the csv to import to specific types in BitWarden?

I tried to create 5 types of Bitwarden types and export to get the csv info but that didn’t work as the csv only limits the export to login and note entries.

In Bitwarden, the item types are currently limited to logins, cards, identities, and secure notes. If you want to import data as card or identity items, you need to create a conditioned JSON file.

So, lastpass > export csv > convert to Json > condition Json > import Bitwarden

Can you recommend Json app to convert/condition? Very familiar with csv but not Json

Unfortunately, I do not have any personal experience with utilities for converting CSV formatted data to JSON, so I cannot offer a recommendation.