Convert items: password to safe note

Hey guys,

is there an easy way to convert a password to a safe note? Either on web or Windows client?

Or do I have to copy each single password item to a safe note?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Prodigio and welcome to the Community!

What exactly is a “safe note”?

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I can store information as different types or categories. Passwords/Logins, Identities, Cards (like credit cards) and safe notes.

I am migrating from 1Password to Bitwarden. So I exported from 1Password and imported that file. In 1Password I also had some kind of safe note. So now I‘m just trying to cleanup a bit.

Some passwords should really be notes, like storing a credit card PIN (not sure if it‘s the right term).

These are called “secure notes”, which is one of four currently available item types in Bitwarden.

The item type cannot be converted once it is stored in your vault. The best way to ensure that an imported item is saved with the desired type, is to condition the exported data before importing into Bitwarden. For example, with a CSV export, if you condition it to match the Bitwarden CSV format, you can define a column title type that has the value note (for any item that should be imported as a secure note) or the value login (for any item that should be imported as a login item).

By the way, for credit card PINs, I would just create a custom hidden field within a card item that contains the credit card number.

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Thank you @grb!

I‘ll check the CSV import.

The hidden field sounds better than the secure note, thanks. It was just an example, maybe a passphrase is better as an example for a secure note.

Remember that if you import items that match those already in your vault, you will create duplicate entries. To avoid this, you can purge your vault before re-importing the vault contents; of course, you need to be aware that if you have made any changes or additions to the vault after the original import, all of this would be lost if you choose to do a vault purge.

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