TOTP error on-premise bitwarden


unfortunately so far I could not find a solution to my issue, although I have been reading and reading…

I am running a bitwarden solution on my Synology NAS (Docker) and I am using a 2-factor-authentification…
As I am living in Europe with a different timezone (UTC+2) I got an error message when changing to wintertime last year. Now the time is changed to summertime again, but the error still exists.

Based on my research I have updated the timezone for the bitwarden server using the terminal in the Synology Terminal. See below the screenshot:

But unfortunately when logging onto the server it is still not possible.

I would really appreciate your support.
Please notice that I am a beginner with a lack of skills :wink:

thank you and best regards

Without ever having used an “on-premise” solution for Bitwarden I still would make sure that both the time zone and the time itself on your device match. So if you are on UTC+2 local time should be this and the time zone should - for example - be set to CEST.

@speculatius82 - Bitwarden does not provide software that runs on Synology NAS appliances. What you have installed is a Bitwarden imposter that was not created by Bitwarden.

So, obviously this is not not an appropriate forum to seek help with your issue. If you were not aware that you are running a BItwarden imposter, I would think twice about storing all your secrets on software impersonating as a Bitwarden product!