2auth cannot work in Discord. PLEASE HELP ME

Hi all, First enable 2auth on Bitwarden for Discord, it worked.

Then, to try more auth apps, I tried the MS Auth and also activated here.

It turns out that 2 weeks later I logged out from everywhere and oh surprise neither Bitwarden nor MS Auth works for me…

Please, what happened??
And that I have the Bitwarden premium but in my app it tells me “password not synchronized”
The app doesn’t work at all either.

Well, please, I hope you guide me, otherwise I’m going to delete everything unfortunately, I’m giving up my Discord with more +200 friends +80 servers…

Thank you so much.

Set your computer clock to a reliable standard. Your clock is probably off.

This is assuming that your problems are related to 2-factor authentication using TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) codes, which only work properly if you have an accurate system clock.

Thank you very much for the answer.

Listen to me I live in Buenos Aires Argentina GMT-3
Our time is 12.23am.

Look, I would think that my time zone is well set…

Regarding what time zone should I set? …

yes, my problem is the glorious TOTP system…

Don’t change your time zone. You can use the US time.gov site that I had linked above, but just very carefully check the value of the minutes and seconds to make sure that your computer clock matches those. In fact, I think that the black clock in the lower right corner of that webpage will detect the time and timezone that are set on your computer clock, and tell you how much the clock has to be adjusted by:

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