Total number of logins

I’ve just imported my logins from firefox and would like to check if all of them are currently imported. Is there a way to see the total number of logins to compare with firefox?

This is a little bit difficult. So far I only found total number of entries in iOS app. Here you are able to see how many accounts are there in each folder and in total.

You are not able to see how many entries you have in Windows 10 Desktop app or in the web-vault. :frowning:

Here’s already a feature request for that:

This is not really elegant but how about exporting your data into a file and then checking that file?

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Yeah could be an option but i found out that the android app shows it so I’m not going any further than that!

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Good to know. So mobile Apps (iOS and Android) are showing the count on every folder. :+1:

Right on! Displaying the total number of entries in the vault and the number of entries in each category and folder is an absolute necessity in Windows. All other password managers I have tested have this feature.

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