Show vault item totals consistently across all clients

Please show in the Web-Vault counters (number of entries) behind each list (like “All Items”, “Favorites”, “Login” and all others) and also behind each folder.


+1 Show items counts is a must. (web, desktop app and mobile apps)


How this isn’t already baked in is a bit silly.

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That’s why you should vote here:

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@tgreer This feature was requested in Sep '18 and is not yet implemented.
How are your plans to implement this?


in firefox clockwise, we have a panel showing no. of logins saved. (in the above image see “63 logins”)

where is the similar feature in bitwarden ? is it there ?

if not, then please take it as a feature request.

I would like this on the desktop website as well.

Yes please. This is a nice feature.

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How’s this not still in the web vault (and desktop app)? This is a basic feature that should already be in this manager.

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This is just an UI improvement, to be able to see the total amount of items inside a collection/folder. it could be placed in brackets next to the collection name in the sidebar, and also within the vault itself.

This would also help when there is a collection with the same name and being able to differentiate between them.

Just a FYI, this should already be the case on browser extension and mobile. Counts are not shown on web and desktop, however.

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It might be helpful if a parent folder displayed the total number of items contained within any nested folders + the number of items in the parent folder itself (if any). For instance, if I have items located in the nested folders Personal/Email and Personal/Social but no items in the parent folder Personal, the mobile app & browser extension currently display a zero count next to that folder which isn’t very useful.

Thanks! I’m glad I can see the total number in the extension. When can we expect to see the counts on web and desktop?

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I voted for this request.
In addition, I’m missing a totals number - all items in vault, regardless of their location or assignment. I can’t find that (imho important) information neither in the browser extension, nor in the iOS app.


This is exactly why we are asking. Why is this inconsistency between the browser extension / mobile vs web / desktop?
and still is, 3 years later…
Thank you,

Thanks for the feedback @yeti the team is currently hard at work on several larger updates, but rest assured I’ve passed the feedback along to the team.

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Please add an option to show the number of items that reside in each type/folder.

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I fully support this feature request. I believe it should not be an option to show or not the item count but systematically appear in a bottom corner whenever we select “All Items”, a “type”, a “folder” or a “search result”.
This was standard - on desktop version - in very old password managers apps like Handy safe.

Very much would like to know the count of items in each “Folder” but also within each “Collection”.