Teams Organizations sharing - is it "bi-directional"?

I’m considering signing up for the Teams Organization for my company. According to the documentation, it looks like, as the admin, I can share logins with team members, so that works out. But do team members’ new logins automatically get shared with me and/or other team members?

Sample use case: say we have 3 depts…IT, accounting, customer service. And each dept has 3 people.
What I’m envisioning is something like this:

  1. I create the overall structure so certain logins are shared with certain depts (or, if necessary, specific people).

  2. If one of the accounting members needed to create a new login, I’d like them to be able to:
    A. share it with the group
    B. I’d like to automatically have access to it, so I don’t have to rely on them remembering to share it with me.

  3. If someone leaves the company, I’d like to be able to share all logins accessible to that group.
    e.g. if “accounting dept person 1” leaves, person 2 & 3 still have access of course.
    But then when we hire a replacement, I’d love to be able to just “share all accounting depts’ logins” with the new person.

How much of this is possible?

Welcome, @aminco!

  • This is how Bitwarden handles Organization sharing - Collections are created by Admins or Managers and can be assigned to one or more groups or users.
  • Organization data is separate from a user’s individual vault and can be accessed by Owners, Admins, or custom roles with those permissions.
  • Someone in Accounting can create a login, but it is created in their vault by default, they would need to move the new login to the Collection to share it.
  • You can turn off personal vaults with our Enterprise Plan by configuring this policy if you’d prefer all users’ logins be accessible to Admins by default.
  • If the logins are in their personal/individual vault, you’d need their password and any 2FA to gain access to the data, unless of course, the items are already part of the Organization data (by using the policy I mentioned above)
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Here you see a screenshot an item in my BW vault. At the bottom, you see the option to move it to an organisation. Sorry it’s not in English.

This is a much used feature in our organisation.
Here is an easy way to see if an item is in your personal or shared vault:

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