Transferring Logins between Organisations?

Hi there,

Sorry I’m sure this is in the help docs but I had a look and couldn’t find information. We’ve setup our vault with two organisations:

  • One for ourselves which contains our own passwords and logins for our small customers

  • One for our major customer with their logins in

The problem is that we had a few false starts with Bitwarden and so some of the passwords for our major customer have been split between ourselves and their organisation. Is it possible to copy/export/move these logins across without having to manually type them all back in? My user account has access to both organisations but I don’t seem to be able to “unshare” a password with an organisation so I can share it with the other one.

I’m guessing this is a security feature but I’m happy to create copies and then delete the old passwords or export/import them but I just dont really know what I’m doing. Any advice would be appreciated.


Hello @Olly_Lennox and welcome,

Currently as you mentioned there is not an option to “unshare” an entry from an Organization but I do believe this is a feature request by the community at this time.

Those logins can be cloned however from the Organization to your personal vault, and then shared to the appropriate Organization where you have permissions.
If you have multiple logins then you can run an unencrypted Organization Export, remove the items you don’t want to share, and then import to the other Organization.

The way the public-private key encryption is handled, once an item is shared to an Organization then that item is “owned” by that Organization.
I do not believe there is a way currently for a method of an Organization to be a member of another Organization, or to allow for one organization to view the contents of another organization.

While I’m not super familiar with the products available, you may look into Bitwarden’s MSP specific products, as I understand there may some additional features there that may help you to manage Organizational vaults for other companies.

Hi Kent,

Thanks for your help. I thought it might be possible to do something with export/importing so I’ll have a look into this. I’ve tried the cloning method and that worked well where we have a small number of items in a collection but we’ve got one collection with quite a large number of logins in so cloning each one would be a bit of a pain.