Support full-width and slightly adjustable view in the Web Vault UI

The current Web Vault view is ~1000 pixels wide, regardless of the width of one’s web window.

When I use the Web Vault on my 2560x1440 monitor, it uses 1/3rd of my screen. Most collection labels are truncated. Most email addresses are truncated. To see a complete name, I need to inspect / open up the specific entry. This is frustrating to me.

I would like to see the following changes:

  1. The web UI should expand to fill the available horizontal space.
  2. The left-hand region (named “Filters”) should be possible to resize manually.
  3. Each column in a list view should be possible to resize manually.

Hello @kalms and welcome to the community,

Regarding your first request, this should already be available.

You can see my reply in another community post here.

I would also recommend splitting your other requests into separate feature request to allow for easier voting on only a single topic.
I was able to find a related request that should be close to your secondary request. Though the first option may take care of your issue, similar to the other community member here

Here is yet another similar request for resizable columns.

Thanks for looking into this!

Enabling “Display full width layout” solved the problem for me, mostly. I think I did not find that setting, because I did not expect settings that control how the web vault is presented to exist under an “Account Settings” UI screen.

If “Preferences” had existed directly on the web vault’s own screen - as a cogwheel or some other “preferences”/“settings”-related shape, next to these two buttons, I would probably have found it:

Alternatively, if “Preferences” had existed as a separate menu item in the drop-down that shows when clicking the “MK” symbol, I would probably also have found it.

Those other two posts match very well with my requests 2 & 3. I have voted on them now.