Allow adjusting column width to avoid wrapping text

Feature name

Allow adjusting column width

Feature function

Allow user to change the width of the left column so that long Folder names don’t have to be wrapped. If I have a wrapped, long folder name, I’d like to drag that column border to the right so that the text fits without wrapping, and that width should be saved for future visits. Or, since there is plenty of empty horizontal space in the window, you might even want the column’s width to automatically expand for everyone up to some reasonable limit to prevent wrapping.

I too would also like this ability within the Windows app.

A number of users at the company I work for have requested the ability to resize column widths. Mostly so that they can see the full title of ‘login’ items. In the Bitwarden app on Mac and Windows, the middle column where the titles of each login item is displayed, long titles are cut off after ~40 characters. This means that when searching for login items, users have to click on each item to see the full title.

We try to use descriptive titles for each item to make it easier to locate the relevant items. We have tried to reduce the title size but then users are still having to click through lots of items to find what they’re looking for. It isn’t possible to use URI to reduce search results as we store things like API keys in Bitwarden.