Allow adjusting column width to avoid wrapping text

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Allow adjusting column width

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Allow user to change the width of the left column so that long Folder names don’t have to be wrapped. If I have a wrapped, long folder name, I’d like to drag that column border to the right so that the text fits without wrapping, and that width should be saved for future visits. Or, since there is plenty of empty horizontal space in the window, you might even want the column’s width to automatically expand for everyone up to some reasonable limit to prevent wrapping.


I too would also like this ability within the Windows app.

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A number of users at the company I work for have requested the ability to resize column widths. Mostly so that they can see the full title of ‘login’ items. In the Bitwarden app on Mac and Windows, the middle column where the titles of each login item is displayed, long titles are cut off after ~40 characters. This means that when searching for login items, users have to click on each item to see the full title.

We try to use descriptive titles for each item to make it easier to locate the relevant items. We have tried to reduce the title size but then users are still having to click through lots of items to find what they’re looking for. It isn’t possible to use URI to reduce search results as we store things like API keys in Bitwarden.


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Yes, we have the same problem. I have adjusted the values manually, but this is invalid after each update. It would not be a problem for Bitwarden, because only two values for the maximum and relative width would have to be adjusted. If someone is interested in the procedure, here are the instructions:
In the Bitwarden program directory there is a folder “resources”. Here is the file “app.asar”. This can be unpacked with 7zip into a temporary directory. In the subdirectory “app” you will find a file “main.xxxxxxxxxx.css”, which you can edit with Notepad++. The values to change are “.vault>.items{order:2;width:28%;min-width:200px;max-width:350px”. I changed them to “.vault>.items{order:2;width:40%;min-width:200px;max-width:1000px”. The saved file is then pushed back into the “app.asar” via 7zip and replaced the existing file and then copied it back into the bitwarden-program directory. Done.

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Are there any developments here?

Surely it should be little effort to implement this feature request?

It’s really annoying when you have longer login names…

Please prioritize this probably not too difficult to implement feature request a bit!

thanks a lot!

Thanks for your patience and feedback everyone, rest assured this has been shared with the team.

The team is currently hard at work on the 2022 roadmap, which is subject to change, but I don’t have any ETAs at this time. I will be sure to share when information becomes available.

This issue has seemingly gotten much, MUCH worse in a recent update, at least while using the Firefox plugin. Using the Firefox plugin, whether the drop-down dialog, the sidebar, or the “pop out to new window”, the title of logins is now being limited to around 15-18 characters (followed by 3 ellipses). This is simply unacceptable and makes using the plugin nearly intolerable. I’ve tested the Firefox plugin across multiple installation on multiple PC’s and they are all exhibiting identical behavior. When can we expect an update to fix this problem? I’ve included a screenshot below exhibiting the issue:

See: Version 2022.10.0 shows truncated titles (bug fix on the way) - #4 by dwbit


Seems like this bug is here again with version 2023.4.1. Tested in Edge en Firefox. The names are truncated again, which makes it extremely annoying.

Definitely this!

Still no bug fix for this? Seems like a trivial CSS adjustment to me…
At least set the default width of that column back as it used be!

I’m so glad you made that comment. I right clicked on the name field, inspected, and set the field width to 500 as a test. Works perfectly. I can now read the full name of my vault items.

I hate it when I have a category with multiple similar names, but the distinction is at the end and it doesn’t make sense to move distinction to the front of the item names or they won’t be grouped together anymore.

For example, under my work folder I have several servers, idracs, and lots of other items. I need all the idrac logins grouped together

idrac - siteName1, DC
idrac - siteName1, Edu Server
idrac - siteName2, DC
idrac - siteName2, Edu Server
idrac - siteName3, DC
idrac - siteName3, Edu Server
idrac - siteName4, DC
idrac - siteName4, Edu Server

Would be nice to see. With their fixed widths, it all just winds up looking like

idrac - site…
idrac - site…
idrac - site…
idrac - site…
idrac - site…
idrac - site…
idrac - site…
idrac - site…

Completely useless. Now I have to click every entry to see which is which.

Despite years of users complaining here, they do not understand the problem they are causing.