"Starts with" match detection matches urls that it shouldn't

I was having issues with auto-fill correctly matching urls with different accounts at the same base domain. For illustration purposes if I had accounts for https://git.waz.com and https://bamboo.waz.com then the default url match wasn’t picking the right account. So I tried switching to “Starts with” detection for the git url but even then it would not work for all cases. I found that going to the git url would still fill the user/pwd for other sites instead. e.g. the bamboo site. But if my “starts with” match string exactly matches the start of the url how could a “starts with” match not always match the correct account?
NOTE: As a new user I was only allowed to include two urls in this post so I hope its clear what I’m referring to.

Starts with will match domains that start with the exact text you enter in the URL matching field. Host would probably be what you’re after - that matches on the full host including any subdomain.

So do I omit the “http://” at the beginning of the match url I had as an example and use git.waz.com as the match url?

So removing the https, etc isn’t working either. I need to replace the “.” in my urls since I’m a first time poster and hitting the max urls allowed quota again.

So I have a “starts with” match for git-dev-waz-com but when I hit “https://git-dev-waz-com/main” its showing logins for entirely unrelated urls and my “starts with” login isn’t in the top 10 displayed. The unrelated urls are things like bamboo-dev-waz-com.

Ok using “host” match in my case does work so thanks for that. The question still remains: what is the right usage for “starts with” then?

You must have other *.dev.waz.com domains with base domain match detection, so they also match your git subdomain. Change the match detection on each of those to host and it should all be fine.