Sort items by date of modification, addition, last use, etc

Why is there still no sorting option?

LastPass has offered this feature for years! I used LastPass for a long time but got nervous with all the security breaches so I switched to BitWarden. Unfortunately, BW is not nearly as user-friendly!

My annual “check Bitwarden to see if sorting is implemented” came and went again. Looks like 1Password gets my money again this year. Maybe next year?

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I can try to implement this feature. However, I’m new to contributing to Bitwarden. I read contribution docs, but I don’t understand how I should make this issue assigned to me

Me too! Please. I end up with a dozen variations for a coupe of logins on a web site. Searching brings up a disordered list. With no merge facility, how should I weedle these down to 2 logins?

Open one - look at it - close it - go to the next one - look at it - try to remember what was on the prior vault.

Sheesh. Is sorting that hard?

Hi folks - this will be addressed with the web app refresh to provide more flexibility in sorting. This is targeted to start development soon and is listed on the roadmap as web navigation and UI refresh under Vault Experience and Community.

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What does soon mean? Stop promising something without calling out an ETA. It‘s absolutely ridiculous that this feature is missing for years and you guys haven‘t even started working on it.
You guys definitely have lost me if it‘s not there when my next license renewal is up.

@timscha nobody will give you ETA. It’s unrealistic to expect that from any project unless you are fully financing its development.

Yes, this feature is really needed (especially with recent developments that the stolen LastPass vaults are supposedly being cracked). But unless you want to submit PR to add the necessary code or pay for development time of this feature, you’ll just have to politely wait.


Created account for commenting on this. This is a very important feature which would solve a whole lot of frustration. :tired_face:


As soon as ProtonPass supports sharing passwords I’m moving to it. Too many basic features like this that are missing.

Sorting functionality will be coming first to the web vault, and then exploring other platforms. Oct '18

Sep 2023
Are the devs actually working on this?

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I feel like this is approaching Atlassian levels of not integrating basic features for 5 years.

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Hey there! Adding this feature to the Vault would make managing multiple logins a breeze and save you a lot of time. It’s a simple addition that can make a big difference.

Targeted to start development soon? Didn’t you say you were already developing it in March?

@vroom What @dwbit had said in March was that Bitwarden was “exploring” this functionality (for the web vault), meaning that developers were conducting research in preparation for future development. You can also see in the public Roadmap that the UI refresh for the web vault is “under research”.

I assume that the recent update from @gtran was to let us know that the Web Vault UI refresh is “soon” going to move from research to actual development, which is good news.

It would be a nice Christmas present.

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Well, let’s hope for Christmas 2024.

Been waiting on this feature for a while now. That coupled with the issues that haven’t been fixed in over a month I’ve decided to cancel my yearly sub and move on.

The Firefox extension causes the browser tab to hang multiple times a day, I have to turn off Bitwarden extension and load the page again to use that page.

The inability to auto fill username/pass when the username and password aren’t on the same page. This works if the elements are simply hidden, but when the page has to load again to enter the password it can never auto fill the username.

The syncing issues are non-stop, changing passwords on one device and the others rarely pick them up. Even forcing a refresh in the settings ends with an error, the only way to resolve it is to log out and log back in.

Oh my god, I cannot believe there is no such feature as sorting :exploding_head: Guys, come on, 5 years past, it is not a very complex feature! Reading all the comments in this topic made me feel I want to change the password manager…

Question: will that also allow displaying custom fields? F.e. a user setting to give field names to display or predefined fields you can add text to display. And of course sorting on that. Instead of fields the planned tags feature would probably okay too. But again the option to also display these columns (which is probably a requirement to be able to sort, well, on a view-based sort).