Sort items by date of modification, addition, last use, etc

I came from lastpass, and their breach(es) remind me that I need to change all my valuable passwords now. I just imported from lastpass, so my (now better protected) passwords in bitwarden are the same as the (now compromised) passwords from lastpass.

I have many hundreds of passwords, and want to start to change them beginning with the most valuable (banking) ones. It will take dozens of hours to change them all, so it needs to be done a bit at at time.

The inability to sort by updated date/time makes it far more difficult to keep track of what has been changed and what remains.

Please allow sorting of update date sooner than later. my security would benefit greatly from this addition.

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This would be very useful to me, to be able to see when a login was created, last used, or modified. All useful information to help with managing the hundreds of logins that I have. Would allow me to see the most used or unused items that perhaps could be removed or updated!


Just echoing what others have said. After moving over from Lastpass, and needing to change all my hundreds of passwords, I’d like to be able to sort by last modified time as I work through my list.

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While the post is definitely appreciated by most propeller-headed geeks, 99.999% of the general public will never understand, let alone type in, that command.

We’re not trying to land a rocket on a spinning asteroid… we’re trying to sort a list… computer science basic-level 101.

Should not take months, or years to implement.

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One of the most wanted and needed features. This topic started in 2018, 5 years later it’s still missing.
This is the reason why I’m still using 1Password.

Is it that difficult and time consuming to add a sorting function on several criteria? :wink:

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Same here! I will run out my Bitwarden license again and switch to 1P as long this essential feature is missing.

Thanks all the team is looking at adding sorting to web vault as an initial roll out, thanks for the feedback!


Yup, I switched from 1Password for probably the same reasons as others, but did not register that I couldn’t really sort. Isn’t this a no-brainer? The data is even in there, it just needs to be made usable for sorting. For all the reasons others suggested (finding a new item, finding older items, etc.).

That’s weird, some places it sorts, some places it doesn’t:

For example: (Firefox plugin V.2023.4.0)
Favorites … sorted OK
Types, Logins … sorted OK
Types, Secure notes … sorted OK
Folders … sorted OK
Items in folders … sorted OK
Tab: (on page with more logins) … not sorted
Items in search result anywhere … not sorted

Be able to sort by categories including date added (chronologically), recently used, alphabetical,…
Also automatically open a card if it was just created, or change the sort to recent when a new password is created.

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For all the love of what’s good and right, why is this not solved after 5 YEARS???!!!

I do not claim to be a coder or a developer but I’m far from a noob in IT and I do not for the life of me understand how such a popular (and seemingly simple) feature can’t be implemented in 5 years time.

Please get his done. Do y’all need money?


Indeed, it’s been two more months since the latest response of a team member. How’s the current planing/ETA? It’s slowly become a bad joke…


I was hoping to move from the password manager I’ve been using. I intended to use the paid bitwarden service. However, because this feature doesn’t exist and hasn’t been added in so many years, I’ll be paying for my old password manager for a few more years. I hope that in three years when I come back, the story will be different.

This could solve this feature also :

I have just switched to Bitwarden from 1Password, but am now wondering if I made the right move. Like others here, I’m very surprised that this very obvious feature is still only “planned” on the roadmap after 5 years. Particularly as features with 2 orders of magnitude fewer votes are in progress or implemented.

I work in IT and have a LOT of different logins for the same sites. So when I come to log into one of these sites I’m presented with what seems to be a random ordering of the list of options in the browser plugin (possibly with the most recent at the top but it’s hard to tell!). At least if the order was consistent I would get used to where each entry sits on the list, but instead I’m reduced to scrolling up and down in the hope of spotting the one I want. And searching doesn’t help - that switches me to the vault tab, so when I click on the item I was searching for it opens it instead of filling it in the web page.

So in terms of usability I’m finding Bitwarden pretty frustrating!

I note that the intention is to implement sorting first in the web vault. It’s a start, I guess, but I need it in the browser plugins so I can actually start using Bitwarden for it’s intended purpose without getting frustrated.

There’s a lot to like about Bitwarden but there are several usability issues that need fixing for it to compete effectively with other products. And usability is why I switched from the annoying version 8 of 1Password in the first place :roll_eyes:

I do so agree, after all, its only in essence a database. I can’t think of another database anywhere in this world that can’t be sorted!

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My company has resorted to a custom app using the CLI to create a Password Revision Report so our staff can quickly see what password have not been changed recently.

Unfortunately Bitwarden has flagged this traffic and blacklisted our public IP, so now none of my users can login. And I am stuck dealing with L1 support asking me to update my browser!

As an interim work-around, please note that when you have opened an item by clicking it in the search results, there is an Auto-fill button at the bottom of the displayed item information.

Thanks grb, that’s helpful, although I have given up on the idea of searching for the entry I want - it usually turns up multiple results so I’m still left scrolling up and down to find the right one.

Bitwarden’s search is not the best, but there are some tricks to using it more effectively. If you would like assistance with this, I would encourage you to start a thread in the Ask the Community Forum.