Sort items by date of modification, addition, last use, etc

very much +1 as well

The items are not sorted by name, as someone wrote here, they are not sorted at all. The order is determined by their creation or import. The inability to order by name is the only reason that keeps me from moving from Lastpass!

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it would be interesting to have a calendar where you could check passwords new or old

Please add sorting especially by Last Used Date. Not having sorting is a major gap in usability.


I agree whole heartedly, again.
Please can we have this facility added asap?

By default, items that appear in the apps are sorted by last used.

As an agency, we have 100s of Instagram accounts (for example), so finding the one we want isn’t easy – even with search.

The ability to order them alphabetically by username would be so very helpful. Whilst we’re at it, giving us sorting options as well as allowing sorting of username, item name etc would be super helpful.

I was excited to switch to Bitwarden but unfortunately, not having a ‘sort by’ option is a deal breaker. 1Password will get my money this year and I hope this is remedied before next year’s subscription renewal.

same here, would love to have sort by modification date

[edit: I found the button]
by the way how do sort by number of votes for the Features here :wink: ?

Hey there, just tap Votes (beside the Latest button) when you are in the Feature Requests category.

Bitwarden is a great password manager.
It is easy and fast to use on all your devices.

At the moment I have a lot of items in Bitwarden, which sometimes makes it a bit cluttered.
When I have made changes to multiple items I would like to be able to sort by them. Or which item I last used.

Can Bitwarden please add more sorting and filtering options to all apps?