Sort items by date of modification, addition, last use, etc

+1 this feature to sort by modified date. Please prioritize this. Seems like it would be incredibly easy, maybe a 5-point story on your product management backlog.

This is not a substitute for having a proper sort feature in the GUI, but it still might be useful…

Here’s a Bash one-liner that you can use to output a list your vault items in order of modification date (newest to oldest) using the Bitwarden cli + jq

$ bw list items | jq -r '
  map(. + {
    e: (.revisionDate | sub("\\.[0-9]+Z$"; "Z") | strptime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ") | mktime),
    d: (.revisionDate[0:10])
  }) |
  sort_by( -(.e)) | .[] |
  .name + " (" + .d + ")"
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How is this not a feature? With how many apps and redirects that don’t have clearly labeled domains, etc - there have been so many times where I created a password and then can’t find it.

Is there another password manager with this feature?

still waiting for this function

Hi! Is this a feature that we are still interested in? @tgreer If that’s the case I might be able to look into a working solution.

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As the OP 3 years ago, I ensure you I am still highly interested in this feature! (and it seems a lot of people are interested too)

@fredrikburmester indeed! This would be great. If you can start a topic in the contributions section with your ideas/approach, we can give feedback and help you get started :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the jq script!

I found this a little easier to digest:

$ bw list items |
    jq 'sort_by(.revisionDate) | .[-10:]'
  • y-m-d dates already sort lexicographically, so no need for the sub / strptime / mktime stuff
  • at least in bash, | works as a line continuation without a trailing \
  • the [-10:] lets you slice the last 10 items, so the most recent should end up right above your next prompt
  • alternatively, one can pipe to reverse if you want to keep the sorting of your original, then pipe to | .[:10] to avoid the need for head
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+1. This is one of the things that keeps me from migrating from Enpass.

There isn’t even an “all items” view at all, let alone no sort. Makes it a lot less handy compared to Enpass, especially on mobile.

I have 1700+ entries.

+1. This would make maintaining and using the vault MUCH easier. I hesitate to complete my migration to BW without this fundamental feature.
I don’t even see a way to view the last modified date on items in the browser extension. Am I missing something?

Feature name:
“Newly Added” or “Newly Added Items”

Feature Function:

  • Shows the user newly added credentials, notes, cards, whatever it may be.
  • The duration of newly added items can be set in settings. For example, 24h, 7day duration etc…

Sometimes when I add a new login, I forget to double check the auto URL link. This leads to the added item being lost in my vault.

If there was a “Newly Added” list, that would make it much easier for me to find and edit the credentials.

Related topics + references

  • Are there any related topics that may help explain the need and function of this feature?
  • Are there any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may be helpful?

I was hoping you could add the ability to sort by the following on top of the current “sort by Name”:
Sort by Category
Sort by Date Created
Sort by Date Modified
Sort by Vault

The reason I am asking for this feature is that recently I created a new password for an obscure training subscription that I only needed to use once. The problem I had was that I forgot the name of the website where I had put in my card details to gain access to the training AND I didnt want to use this company after realising their product was rubbish. They gave 1 month free to test their product but as I didnt like it I forgot about it until now when the charges for the subscription was going to kick in. I then had to frantically go through all the objects in my vault searching for keywords to try and figure out what this training subscription was. I eventually found it BUT this could’ve been a lot easier if we had the ability to “sort by date created” or “sort by date modified”. I hope you understand what I mean by this.

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I’m surprised so basic a feature doesn’t already exist - the data are there so it should be simple to implement. I also found it weird when I imported my 1Password vault export that it didn’t preserve the date created / updated times on import into Bitwarden that were included in that export file.

May I add another sort feature I used to like in 1Password was “Sort by Password Strength” - so I could prioritise which account passwords to refresh with stronger ones.

It’s a database, surely it cant be difficult to provide a sort facility?
Please, as a 1Password convert for all the cited reasons, I really do miss this, and judging by the thread, so do lots of others.
Surely it cant take major recoding as all the info is there?

Hi @tonyt - there is some great work going on here with respect to this request :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to share some progress on this since I know a lot of you want this feature.



Add me to the list of people that really want this. And make sure it includes sorting by the date last used - I want to see which logins haven’t been used in a long time.

I am glad I found this request. I would like to add to this:

Sorting by NAME of the entry. Right now the searched results are mixed up by last used or most used order. I would like to be able to sort the results the same way as Lastpass. If I have several Google logins, where I call them A1 Google, A2 Google, B1 Google and B2 Google, then searching for Google should return the results in this order, and not in mixed up order which is by the last date used or most used, whichever applies in bitwarden.

I posted about it in detail also here:


I’d really love to see this feature. The “last modified” category would be particularly helpful.

Would it be possible to include “last use” and “last modified”?
Because I have now over 700 accounts and I am pretty sure some companys doesn’t even exist anymore. It would help me a lot if Bitwarden shows me that I havn’t use an entry for 1 or 2 years. So I know that this entry is old.
Thanks for implementing this. :slight_smile: