Show popup when user is logged-out but website with autofill available is visited

Feature name

Show popup when user is logged-out but website with autofill is available.

Feature function

I would like to get a popup which allows to login into bitwarden when I visit a website, where AutoLogin is available.


When I logged out of bitwarden and then visit a website I saved login credentials for, it is a bit annoying that I need to manually open the bitwarden popup, then click “Login” to log into bitwarden, then type my password and then select the credentials I want to autofill in the website.

Would it be possible to show a popup asking for login into bitwarden and then autofil, when a website I saved credentials for is detected, although logged out of bitwarden?

This popup could be shown in the upper right corner and get autofocus. If it is not immediately used by the user it can disappear.


Hi @OliEfr thank you for your request and welcome to the Community.

Have you tried the autofill shortcut Ctrl/CMD+Shift+L or the right-click context-menu. Those will open a new tab and prompt you to log in if your vault is locked. The tab will close automatically once you are logged in and will execute the autofill.

Kind regards

Hi Daniel,
thanks, this works actually.

I have to admit though, that opening another page is not that beautiful and popup-notification would be nice. That would spare pressing the shortcut.

However, I do understand that it might be not possible to implement due to technical restrictions or privacy concerns.

Thanks for the help.
This solved my issue to a large extend.


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