Shortcut to open Bitwarden addon

Edit: There is a way to do this, just click [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + Y
Thanks @danmullen

I would like to suggest one feature that I really miss from 1Password since I moved to bitwarden. 1Password had a shortcut (CTRL + .) in the browser when pressed it opened up the password manager which enhances usability so much for the add-on.

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Thanks! I’ve never knew this I even wrote an email to Bitwarden and they just redirected me here. :smile:

Any way to remap the shortcut buttons?

You can set them in the browser usually at chrome://extensions/shortcuts

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Is there a way to auto-trigger unlock with biometrics in safari extension?
When the extension is clicked or Ctrl/CMD + Shift +Y → Auto prompt for biometric unlock if it is enabled?
Similar to how it works on the desktop application. I tried to look through the options in extension but couldn’t find anything.

I am on an M1 Mac


That is the way!

Awesome feature I would commend it also if you post it into feature reqeusts.