Sharing passwords securely

Hey guys,

I’m looking to switch to Bitwarden, and possibly use it for my organization, and one thing I want to do it share passwords without the user knowing what the password is. I’m sure Bitwarden has this feature, however a very easy way around it, (At least with LastPass) is basically the user copying the password out of Bitwarden, pasting it in the website, the browser asks to save the password, then the person just needs to go to the saved passwords in their browser and view saved passwords. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? People would need access to the vault on their phones, personal computers at home, etc so it’s not as easy as just locking down the work computer. Thanks!

Hey Elijah, hiding passwords is more of a deterrent than a prevention as any password manager can only control what is in the ecosystem, once pasted out, we don’t have control.

Alternatively some orgs for example could opt for a Secrets Manager (currently in development here at Bitwarden) to control credentials and check in/out.

Once the password is shared, pretty much the cat is out of the bag. BW does recommend resetting all the passwords that the person has access to once they leave the organization. BW recommends putting passwords in collections for different groups of people in the organization for access. Then, when the person leaves, all the passwords in the collections that the person has access to need to be reset.