Share a password with another user, keeping the password hidden

Similar to an existing feature on When you share with people, you can allow them to see the pass or not. I know that this isnt 100% bulletproof and that someone could dig into the html and so… but I think it’s usefull.

Thanks for the feature request! Vault Item sharing between users is on the current roadmap but will most likely not include the ability to hide once it enters their vault. We will share more information as it becomes available. Currently users in the same Bitwarden organization can share vault items and use the ‘read only’ and ‘hide password’ functionality.

Like most password managers, even if a ‘hide password’ option is used, once the text is injected into the web form, a user can do with it what they choose, including copying and pasting it somewhere that is readable.

If you don’t trust a users with the password, it’s better not to share it with them. What’s the use case for the items? I would love to have more context to share with the team.