Sharing vs Organization

I migrated from LastPass recently and I shared passwords on LastPass. I had an option to share the password with no edit or view of the password or to completely share; never did it allow for my wife to change my password. I can’t find those options here at Bitwarden. It seems you have to move the password to a shared vault called organization and there is no restrictions once it is there. I don’t want my wife accidently deleting my password and there is no way of stopping that unless I make up two different entries and maintain both…seems kind of backwards.

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Hey @MaddGDad,

You are correct currently the only method of “sharing” an item is through the use of a shared Organization and org Collections.
These are good for maintaining a “single source of truth” regarding an item, so you don’t have to have multiple copies of an item in your individual vault, and an Organization vault, or yet another person needing access.

What you may be looking for could be solved with the use of permissions for items within a shared collection.

For more “one off” sharing where an Organization does not need to be used, you can also check out the current Bitwarden Send.

Though I would also note, that Bitwarden is currently planning a feature labeled on the roadmap as Vault Item Sharing, which as I understand will also allow for easier sharing of an item directly from within your Individual Vault without the need to create a separate Send.

Both of these though essentially would be “static” information, so if you update the info for your source item (say update the password) it would not automatically be updated with these types of sharing.
So for continued and ongoing sharing, that would be where an Organization would come into play.

Thanks. I am looking forward to the Vault Item Share feature rather than the organization functionality. I hope it has the controls such as use only(no read), Read, Update, and revoke.

It seems to me, admins, people like you very much like and appreciate, you help developers a lot!