Shared (sub)folders to organize items inside collections (nested inheritance)

Is there any ETA on this allready? This seems like a very basic feature to implement? It will make organising this so much easyer!

Would love to have some information about the ETA on this! :slight_smile:

I’ll add my +1 for this. Glad to know its coming!

**To add to this, it could be useful if you could mark a sub-collection so that it did not inherit the access from the parent.

I first noticed there was no way to assign a group a collection and have them have access to all collections within the top collection they have access to. This would be a nice feature.

I would like to request a feature to give the ability for a sub-collection to inherit permissions from the top-level collection. Currently, there is no way to accomplish this other than having to assign the permissions by group which will slightly cut down the administration.

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Would love to have some information about the ETA on this!

+1 this is needed for larger organizations.


This is a must! We have hundreds of sub-collections and the amount of overhead to make bulk changes makes me weep. I love the product, but this is a big pain.


Hi all, I’ve also added a vote for this one. We’re evaluating Bitwarden at the moment and being able to organise things underneath a collection would be brilliant. Creating nested collections and assigning the same group to all of them seems like a horrible administrative experience. I hope this is implemented soon.


@bw-admin is there any ETA on this feature yet? It was raised over 5 years ago and would be extremely useful.


@bw-admin how long will it still take?
in March 2022 you already mentioned that you are working on it…

I’m testing Bitwarden at the moment and this access management is currently the killer argument to not use Bitwarden


This is definitely one of the bigger requests I have. Currently the way folders work isn’t very intuitive and users can find it confusing. Bringing them into collections as organizational tools makes a lot of sense to me.

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@bw-admin Any updates?

This is basic functionality for policy based inheritance. The fact this feature is not available out of box is ridiculous. Forcing collections inside of collections and forcing permissions top be set at each level is poor development.
Also, the search feature only searching the name of a record is awful. By default, it should at least search the notes field on each entry. Using asterisks is the only way to search the notes field.

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@bw-admin can you please provide an update with regards to this feature request ?

I would like to request that there be an option for a nested “child” Collections to inherit the access from the “parent” Collection.

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our company also heavily relies on this feature. At the moment we develop custom tooling to apply the permissions of a collection to all of its sub-collections.

Please tell us if and when we can expect something in this regard.

I’ve just signed up for Enterprise for my company, and am shocked that inheritance is not an option.

I was then told by support to create a post on the forum to add such a basic feature, at which point I find this topic at the top of the forum, dating back to 2018?!?!!

Shocking to be honest. I made a mistake going with Bitwarden.

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Hi @rick1 Welcome to the Bitwarden community! The Bitwarden support team can provide recommendations for scripts to facilitate inheritance.
The current setup provides guardrails to ensure that credentials are never assigned inadvertently. The team is working on lots of improvements to collections in 2024.

Thanks Gary but if this basic feature request has been sat here since 2015 and is pretty much top of the forum with well over a hundred votes, it gives me no confidence it would arrive in the 6th year…

I cancelled and had the Enterprise subscription refunded this time, I hope to revist Bitwarden in the future though.