Shared (sub)folders to organize items inside collections (nested inheritance)

Hello @go12 , can you share more information about these scripts? I already contacted the bitwarden support team, but i can imagine it being helpful for others if you share what workarounds are available while waiting for this feature. Without permission inheritance for nested collections, the administrative overhead is far too much, and the risk of missing mission-critical permissions is too great.

Hi @LordPhwa, The support team is best equipped to respond. For most, the current setup provides guardrails to ensure that credentials are never assigned inadvertently. Understandably, there are multiple approaches here and more planned on the Bitwarden side in 2024.

I think it will involve something with the CLI

But “just” add an ACL to a folder from GUI

+1 for shared folders inside collections, this feature is must required…

Dealbreaker for me not to move to bitwarden for my business

We would welcome this feature greatly!!

Why does it take sooooo long ? You are developing this feature since years.
1,5 years ago we moved from KeePass to Bitwarden, but the acceptance is dwindling among colleagues. This week a team was build to find an alternative to bitwarden. I dont know when you plan to release this feature, but I guess for us it will be to late… nice job

something really needs to be done about this.

I don’t see the immense developer overhead needed to just establish shared folders inside a collection. The current implementation of folders seems pretty useless to me, why would I spend so much effort to curate a logical folder structure for my team’s collection when they can’t see it? They would be responsible for replicating it themselves and then everyone would need to make sure they keep it up to date when any new credentials are added. Completely unacceptable if you have more than 10 credentials in a collection. I have large teams that have hundreds of credentials in a collection.

It boggles my mind that Bitwarden developers had the forethought to implement a folder system but executed it in such a shoddy way.

Has anything been done about this yet? Its very frustrating our teams can’t create structures in their collections.