Share Across Organizations?

Hi there,

We use Bitwarden internally, and are working with another company that also uses Bitwarden. We’re trying to figure out how we can go about sharing a collection with this other entity? Would we need to make a new Organization and invite them to it? Does this mean each user would need to effectively be billed twice, too?

Hey @chrimorg

This is correct, currently you would need to add users to whichever Organization where shared items are stored for access.

There was an older (now archived) post which discussed the “External/Guest User Sharing” features similar to LastPass or 1Password

Though you could vote for the feature request here which is similarly asking for the same thing.

As discussed in that request currently you can use the Bitwarden Send feature to provide information securely to those contactors, vendors, etc.

There is a upcoming feature on the roadmap for Vault Items Sharing which as I understand would allow for easy sharing of items directly from within the Vault, likely creating a Send that can then easily be created and shared both with external non-Bitwarden users, as well as allowing Bitwarden recipients to easily add this to their individual vault as well.

Though this would be more of a one off share, and would not be automatically updated in both locations as I understand. So an Organization would still be needed for maintaining a single record with 1 copy.
But as discussed this is where an option such as external/guest users would come into play.

Thanks @cksapp appreciate the info – We’ve considered Send for this, too, but it ultimately falls to the same issue you pointed out for how the upcoming Vault Item Sharing would, in that it’s a one-off share, and updates would not sync across, and likely would come with Send’s limitations (such as a maximum age lifespan value). I’ve added a feature request for this since it feels like a rather basic Enterprise feature (link here: Cross-Org Sharing - Feature Requests / Password Manager - Bitwarden Community Forums)