Enterprise Org: Sharing items with non-org-members

I am constantly pushing our company to move to BW organization, but every day we get more and more used to LastPass.

One feature I see used more and more that is lacking in BW is external sharing.

ie. We have a contractor. We don’t want to add him to the org, but we need to share 1 or more passwords with him.

In LastPass we can add free-account-members from outside our org as a reader/writer to any internal share folder / shared items. This seems to get used a lot…

Couldn’t you just add the user to the org with limited access to achieve the same effect?

Yes, but the difference is:

  1. The need for org admin intervention.
  2. The extra cost of adding a member to the org.

If we had to introduce a flow for doing this, we need to increase workload on IT admin and finance staff for approval on the org addition and budget clearance.

I understand it’s a hard feature to add to the current model and has possibility for abuse. But just letting you know a feature we use of your competitor.