Self hosting free organization

Feature name

  • Self hosting Free 2-Person Org

Feature function

  • The feature should work as the existing Free 2-Person Org, but on self hosted install.


While I have not personally checked recently, I do know that the free 2-person Org previously was originally a SaaS only cloud option.
According to Bitwarden’s support however it seems this may already be something that was added to the self-hosted option for users, you may wish to check and see if your install script is updated and the Bitwarden self-host is up to date as well. In this case you should have the option to create a free 2-person organization.

Hello cksap,
I opened a ticket last week, everything is up to date and the support told me that this isn’t supported currently.
So I would suggest you to double check this information, maybe asking for an update of the documentation if it’s possible?

Best regards

Ahh that is unfortunate to hear, I will have to check this when I have a moment.

I do understand there was some confusion with this and the Bitwarden documentation was updated to reflect the 2-person free organization limitation being SaaS cloud only and not available on the self-hosted service.

I could not seem to find a mention of this limitation however in the documentation for Organizations types or Plans comparison.

Compare Personal Plans:link:

In the following table, “premium features” (included for Premium Individual and Families Organizations) are marked with an asterisk (*).

Features For You Free Org
Max Users 2
Secure storage for Logins, Notes, Cards, and Identities Unlimited
Max no. of Collections 2
Access to Bitwarden across devices
Storage sync across devices
Secure Password Generator
Cloud or Self-hosting
Encrypted Export
Bitwarden Send Text Only
*Two-step login Authenticator apps or email
*Encrypted file attachments -
*Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP) -
*Vault Health Reports -
*Emergency Access -
*Priority Support -
Cost to you Free

In fact due to the fact that the free 2-person Org shows the ability for Self-hosting with a " ✓" I presumed this had been already added, perhaps the documentation is incorrect again.

Edit: Found this previous reference, perhaps @tgreer or @dwbit will be able to assist further with updating the documentation.
I will also submit a suggestion to the page directly, glad to hear this may be something that is being looked at.

Thank you for your answers! For what I understood, actually it miss the key feature of being able to request the license file but I had to admit that I didn’t checked the script yet.