Self hosting free organization

Feature name

  • Self hosting Free 2-Person Org

Feature function

  • The feature should work as the existing Free 2-Person Org, but on self hosted install.


While I have not personally checked recently, I do know that the free 2-person Org previously was originally a SaaS only cloud option.
According to Bitwarden’s support however it seems this may already be something that was added to the self-hosted option for users, you may wish to check and see if your install script is updated and the Bitwarden self-host is up to date as well. In this case you should have the option to create a free 2-person organization.

Hello cksap,
I opened a ticket last week, everything is up to date and the support told me that this isn’t supported currently.
So I would suggest you to double check this information, maybe asking for an update of the documentation if it’s possible?

Best regards

Ahh that is unfortunate to hear, I will have to check this when I have a moment.

I do understand there was some confusion with this and the Bitwarden documentation was updated to reflect the 2-person free organization limitation being SaaS cloud only and not available on the self-hosted service.

I could not seem to find a mention of this limitation however in the documentation for Organizations types or Plans comparison.

Compare Personal Plans:link:

In the following table, “premium features” (included for Premium Individual and Families Organizations) are marked with an asterisk (*).

Features For You Free Org
Max Users 2
Secure storage for Logins, Notes, Cards, and Identities Unlimited
Max no. of Collections 2
Access to Bitwarden across devices
Storage sync across devices
Secure Password Generator
Cloud or Self-hosting
Encrypted Export
Bitwarden Send Text Only
*Two-step login Authenticator apps or email
*Encrypted file attachments -
*Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP) -
*Vault Health Reports -
*Emergency Access -
*Priority Support -
Cost to you Free

In fact due to the fact that the free 2-person Org shows the ability for Self-hosting with a " ✓" I presumed this had been already added, perhaps the documentation is incorrect again.

Edit: Found this previous reference, perhaps @tgreer or @dwbit will be able to assist further with updating the documentation.
I will also submit a suggestion to the page directly, glad to hear this may be something that is being looked at.

Thank you for your answers! For what I understood, actually it miss the key feature of being able to request the license file but I had to admit that I didn’t checked the script yet.

Hi there,
Four month later there is still no implementation of the feature for self-hosted instance.
Now it’s even specified that it’s not available.

Are this still planned?

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Hey @Spi, self-hosting Bitwarden is free, however some features must be unlocked in your self-hosted instance with a registered license file. A license file can be obtained from the Bitwarden-hosted Web Vault by either an account with a Premium Individual subscription or by the Owner of an Organization.

See License Paid Features | Bitwarden Help & Support for more information.

@dwbit your documentation is really confusing.
How could you write on the main pricing page that a feature is available and in the feature request forum saying the opposite?

So could you confirm and clarify if what I understood is correct please?:
To be able to use organization feature on a self hosted environnement I have to:

    1. Creating an account on Bitwarden hosted environnement
    1. Buying a license and creating an organization
    1. Export the license from Bitwarden vault
    1. Import the license in my self hosted environment
    1. Creating a new organization in this self environment

Is that correct?

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Hey @Spi, just to double check, can you point me to what part of the website you are referring to? On the pricing page, self-hosted appears as a feature for Enterprise plans.

@dwbit That’s exactly what I said in the first place… then you told me I need a licence file but your instruction was very unclear and apprently I’ve just pay for nothing:

Now, it’s still impossible to create an organization on my self hosted.
To create it I apparently need “billing sync” and apparently that’s only for enterprise plan that I will not afford because it’s too expansive for what I need.

@cksapp I’ll tag you to do a little follow up since this thread look like a mess now.

So I’m asking again, will you provide a way to create a free self hosted organization please?
Apparently the only step that miss is the ability to export a free organization licence from you to import in the self hosted.
For my personal usecase, I’m living with my wife and I need to share her few passwords.
I would be able to do it for free on your servers, why can’t do it on mine?



That’s exactly my usecase, i haven’t setup because of the topic above, it’s absolut unclear how to setup. make a export option for the free 2 user organisation or made it possible to setup organisation directly on the self-host version.

Thanks all, I’ve passed this feedback along to the team and we’ll keep this feature request open for voting and discussion in the meantime.

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The free organization feature would be very welcome for Bitwarden Self hosting. I’m missing the functionality for Bitwarden on-premise. I hope this functionality would be added quickly to the product.

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I just came across this subject following the purchase of a Bitwarden license I could not activate the organizations on my self-hosted bitwarden. I’m a little disappointed because that was the purpose of this license purchase…a little feeling like I’ve been cheated.

Hey @sliver85 more info here:

Hey @sliver85 - what version of Bitwarden server are you running and did you download it from

Here on the community forums, we have been seeing a lot of people lately who thought they were running a legitimate Bitwarden server instance, but it turns out they were running imposter software instead, designed to look and behave just like Bitwarden, but it was actually produced and distributed by someone else entirely (sets off all kinds of red flags for me).


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According to me I am using the latest version of bitwarden self hosted.


I do have a bitwarden_premium_license.json

# Abonnement
8 janv. 2024

On the bitwarden vault I have created an organization that I named “Family” with the Free Plan
It tells me that for those who are self-hosted you will need to set up billing sync

I also followed the tutorial here:

I made the following change

The menu framed with Set Billing Sync not exist in my case.

Hey @sliver85 if you’ve already followed the steps here you can reach out to the official support team at

Hello dwbit,

As jdevried1990 points out I think the function just doesn’t exist.