Selective Collection Sync to desktop, browser and mobile apps

Presently, when one is a member of many organizations - or an organization with many collections, Bitwarden mobile, desktop and browser apps sync all of these every time they open and every time a sync action is manually performed.
It appears, based on my current user experience, that as the amount of Collections grows, Bitwarden continues to slow down ever more.
Presently, I often wait over 20 seconds before a Save action completes on an item, and opening the app after auto-lock is similarly slow.
It’s becoming an issue as myself and the clients I serve wait and/or pay for the waiting time.
20 seconds x the amount of times per day an item is saved or Bitwarden is unlocked does add up in both annoyance and billable minutes.
Not to mention the times when one is dealing with an emergency and can not pull up records fast enough.

Perhaps an idea would be to allow an app user to Selective Sync Collections.

Ideally, a Collection selector would be added in the app Settings that would allow an app user to choose which Collections are visible in the app and synced by the Sync action.

In my case, this would at least halve the amount of data Bitwarden would need to sync with each sync action, as there are many projects and clients who only need my services once or twice per year. I really don’t need to sync their information with every sync action.
In fact, it would greatly de-clutter my Bitwarden apps if I could hide these rarely used Collections.

While I might need any Collection I have access to at any time, there are many that could stay hidden most of the time without me missing them at all, day to day.

This feature would be similar to IMAP folder subscription selection in email clients, and possibly more popular Selective Sync available in most Cloud Sync apps such as Dropbox, Box, Google and Synology Drive.
While the concern in the case of Selective Sync with “drive” apps is the space they require on the client computer, the concern with Bitwarden is both a cleaner user experience for MSPs or anyone else with access to larger datasets, but also the efficiency of Bitwarden apps. I would assume also that on the server side, Bitwarden could save some electrons by allowing people to continuously sync only the items they actually need day to day as opposed to everything all the time.

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Hey there, are you seeing this slowdown on all devices or 1 in particular? The team is working on performance enhancements. For some devices the speed of local decryption is limited by device power. How many items do you currently have in your vault?

I am seeing the performance issues on all devices. My primary machine has 64GB of ram, an NVMe drive and 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-1185G7 @ 3.00GHz × 8, so I doubt performance issues are due to hardware shortcomings…
Mobile app says I have 3167 items in the vault. I assume that’s between my personal vault, then those of an additional 6 organizations. I have a total of 52 collections and growing.
My personal vault has about 1200 items.

Gotcha, thanks for clarification, stay tuned for further performance enhancements relating to vault item loading.

This would probably help the issue I’m running into now. Our Org vault has upwards of 6000 passwords now and the iOS app refuses to sync.

Hey @John_Duprey can you open a ticket with our support team at

You can also report a bug directly on Github with steps to reproduce for the team to investigate.

I actually opened a ticket a few weeks ago and according to support it was already a known issue. I looked through the mobile repo and didn’t find an issue specific to the item count but there was one that seemed related. During troubleshooting, we were able to get syncing to work by removing permission to most of the collections. It only appears to affect the mobile client - web, browser, desktop and cli all seem to work fine.