UI deficiencies, Bulk Move


we are using the paid version of bitwarden for quite a while and a few things are really good.

But (sorry for being blunt) the UI and UI capabilites suck big time,

  • it is very easy to put password into wrong collections
  • in the desktop client you can still not widen the colums which makes things unreadable
  • you can not bulk move collections or items even worse, if you move a collection, the child colections stay in the same place
  • i can not move items between organizations (i think the worked before), if i clone, the collections of the other organization can not be chosen
  • the search is a nice thing, but unusable for non-tech staff (and we also want them to understand that it is important to use password managers)
  • no capability to rename collections in the desktop clients (why ?)
  • all UIs are horribly slow

in general i want to say that you really need to work on the user experience, at least we are no willing to pay for this for much longer. And please stop ignoring user requests for years.


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just two comments:

  1. I don’t know about “Bitwarden organizations” a whole lot, but an announcement from yesterday seems to mention “bulk item collections management” (though I myself still don’t understand if “Web (client)” in GitHub means the (cloud) Web vault/app… because the file name says “selfhosted”… but definitively something going on with “bulk management” in general):

See here: Releases · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

  1. Though I can understand you listing “everything”, for a feature request with voting possibility it would be better to state/request one thing at a time (or rather make a single feature request for everything you want to have – and maybe search for older feature requests, which may regard already what you seek).
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Yes, the “Web” client in GitHub is the Web Vault (e.g., vault.bitwarden.com). Any updates to that client are implemented on the server side, so for users who are not self-hosted, Bitwarden installs the updates on their end. The only users who need the actual installation files for the Web Vault interface are those who are running their own server (i.e., self-hosted).

And you are right, the release of version 2024.3.1 does implement the ability to bulk move items into a collection (and other management tasks performed in bulk).

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@smalchow — your post contains a large list of topics, so unfortunately, I will have to close this thread, because Feature Request posts are supposed to consist of a well-defined proposal for a single new function (otherwise, it become impossible to meaningfully interpret the vote count). The closure of your thread should not be interpreted as a response from Bitwarden, as I have no affiliation with the company; I am tagging @bw-admin here, so that someone from Bitwarden can confirm that your post has been seen and the feedback passed on to the relevant team.

In the meantime, you should be able to find existing Feature Request topics corresponding to some of the issues that you mentioned. You can add your perspective (and vote) in those threads, or start your own new Feature Request topics that focus on a single issue at a time.