Select Multiple entries and applicable actions

Hello dear Community

I don’t know about you but I’ve been increasingly frustrated with the fact that anytime I want to change more than one item on my Organization’s Collections, say move 50 items from one
to another I have to do it one at a time.

This feature would allow for so much time saving and I have a small Organization i can’t imagine the pain it would be to have 10K items and needing to change 1000.

Currently the only action available is delete when multiple item are selected, if only one is selected I can clone or change Collections (besides deleting)

This is somewhat requested on Select Multiple entries and applicable actions - #14 by PawsMashingKeys but it’s more aimed at the selection itself and then what to do with it and was requested in 2018, there was some acknowledge from the Devs apparently but I don’t think its on the Road Map that was updated on June.

Thank you Bitwarden Team for being so open with feature requests and having an amazing service but I believe this is basic UX and shouldn’t take that much effort to implement.

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This is absolutely making starting using this with our organization more difficult.

I feel like this, since it is for paid account management, would make sense to prioritize. You’ll get more paying users, because we’ll be able to finish the migration more quickly!

As a workaround I tried to use the import tool to import things into collections - but rather than importing into existing collections, it creates new collections with the same name as the existing collections - which is then a terrible experience to delete (are you sure you’re deleting the right thing? Or are you deleting something that looks exactly the same, but has data that would take hours to get input again because you have to put in the correct collections one by one?).

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Yeah, I have been using bitwarden for a longtime but in order to setup different groups with collections this is an issue. I am wondering if I setup a staff member with only access to the one collection will it work to import only to that collection? Not sure if they even have access to import/export might not work?

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I find it very difficult to understand how this isn’t still a thing, it’s seems so basic and obvious. I feel like the path is layed out and someone forgot to enable the multi selection of this settings.

Someone hinted at the workaround above.

Import your items. Export the Vault. Purge the Vault. Edit the export in excel. Re-import. Saved me tons of time. NOT ideal at all, the request definitely needs to be implemented, but until then I hope this helps someone.

Also suggest deleting your collections before re-importing, as they are duplicated for some reason.

I’m having the same issues. I recently had to go through hundreds of collections and rename them to move them around in the organization structure. Then had to go through hundreds of individual passwords and assign them to new collections.

We migrated from a Keepass based structure to Bitwarden which resuted in hundreds of collections to manage. Having the option to move them around or do anything would be fantastic.

This really isn’t very user friendly.

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Thanks for the feedback @SysLeksa rest assured the team is working on implementing this functionality :+1:

For now, you can do one of the following:

Disclaimer: Please read through the import and export documentation in the Help Center and ensure that your vault data is securely backed up before trying any of the following steps

Option 1: Individual Vault Method

  • Export organization vault data
  • ‘Purge’ the organization vault from the organization account settings menu (please ensure backups before purging vault)
  • Manually delete all collections from the web vault (or DM me for a Bitwarden CLI script you can run to automate collection deletion).
  • Import into an Individual account, where you can then multi-select and move to an organization collection (please note this only works when initially moving from an individual vault to a shared organization collection)

Option 2: Customize Export File Method

  • Export organization vault data as a csv
  • ‘Purge’ the organization vault from the organization account settings menu (please ensure backups before purging vault)
  • Manually delete all collections from the web vault (or DM me for a Bitwarden CLI script you can run to automate collection deletion).
  • Edit (a copy) of the vault export to organize vault items into intended collections.
  • Import the file back into the vault.
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Select All and checkbox selection seems to only be available on Vaults, but not on Organizations. I believe it is even more important to select all when editing logins on Organizations. It will improve the workflow quite a bit. Please also try to include checkboxes while adding a select all option.

Feature name

  • Move item between orgs

Feature function

  • Currently it’s possible to move item only from personal vault to an org (if it’s the same user). I am belonging to more than one organisation and I’m unable to move items between them. I am a technician in more than one company and I’m trying to move items from my private org to orgs of their clients - any manual exports/tricks are no-go for me, as it is very error-prone porcess.

Related topics + references

It’s quite annoying there is still no shift-click. I wrote a simple script to implement this: Bitwarden Select Enhance - Source code

I don’t mean to pile on but this was a hindrance to my onboarding, FYI

Thanks all, the team is working on this one, thanks for your patience. Anything imported into an individual vault can be multi-selected and bulk moved. Or if you are doing a fresh import, you can condition the CSV before importing:


I ended up using the web version after I figured out I could. Thank you for being so responsive though. Bitwarden is excellent and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Currently testing Bitwarden Family as a replacement for my existing solution. The very first thing I did after import was move my shared passwords to the org before creating any collections. Now I had to go pick through them and move them to different collections one at a time.

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Hey there, currently you can bulk select and move to collections if you import into your individual vault, or if you are just getting started, you can condition the CSV the way you like it, just take care withe the plain text file on you machine:

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As stated I already bulk moved the entries using that function, not knowing folders don’t mean anything in collections and that once moved into the org you can’t bulk move them into other collections.

Issue stands, the feature you described is one way and required the user to know in advance it is a one way trip.

I should note that I expect to need to bulk change sharing permissions in the future when my kids are old enough to manage their own account, so not even being able to multi select to change sharing is a head scratcher.

For work we do this all the time when departments change in the vault product we use there.

Feel strongly ether way this feature should be higher priority and a major basic missing feature in shared password management.

Thanks for the feedback @Scattered_Bits it has been passed along to the team :+1:

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We’re considering moving over to Bitwarden and are test-driving the practicality of making the move with a monthly sub.
Naturally, we have run into the ‘cannot bulk assign items to collections’ issue.
We on the technical side are looking into the CLI today as a potential (or rather hopeful, if not likely) workaround.

It’s difficult to sell the move to Bitwarden to the decision makers when the first thing they ran into was moving a couple hundred items into the organisation, then finding out they have to assign them to collections one by one.

While we’re all happy that there’s likely an Argon2 KDF option coming in the next update, considering how long this thread has been going, they’re not confident bulk assigning to collections will become a reality anytime soon.

This is something I would like in the Windows app as well. Also even in the personal web vault, since it’s just a webpage and not an “app” and is just HTML, and you can’t select by clicking the item itself, the checkbox is really small and being off just slightly pops up the properties of the item you clicked and undoes all the items you’ve already selected.

Apologies if this has already been flagged, but the merge feature would be super useful as part of the duplicate password report - i.e. where I’ve captured the same login details twice, it’ll come up on that report and would be the ideal place to merge duplicate records.