How to move an entry between organisations?

i am on a self hosted instance of bitwarden. I’m owner of multiple organisations.
I suppose i can use “share” to move an entry to another organisation. however, i always get

You have selected 1 item(s). 0 items are sharable, 1 are not.

why is that? what can i do against it?
I have a rather large number of passwords that i’d like to distribute. Manual copying of each field would be very unwieldy.

Unfortunately moving items from one organization to another is not possible as I know. You cannot even bring an item back out from an organization into your personal vault.
It’s part of how things are “moved” once it is created in the organization.

One possible thing you can do is clone all entries to your personal vault and then subsequently move them to the other organization that way.

If you are Owner/Admin of both organizations though, it would be easiest to “export” the vault where you want things copied from, remove any unnecessary entries, and then import them back into the second org.

Though if you have any entries they will not stay in sync between two different organizations, so if your goal is to provide access to members for shared credentials or otherwise it may be best to simply invite those who are needing to be shared with to the appropriate organization and collections for said logins, notes, etc.
But only you know your use case best, hope this helps.

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